Ed Roman Tops His 2020 Releases With “Tomorrow Is Today”

After a stunning series of singles, another release from Ed Roman has become expected, but the quality of his new single “Tomorrow Is Today” tops all of his 2020 releases thus far. We know what to expect from an Ed Roman record at this point, but the award-winning singer-songwriter continues to push our expectations to new heights. He blends rock energy and guitar progressions with a folk edge before the hook brings in elements of poppy and electronic synths. The title, and the main gist of the invigorating hook, captures a message that many could benefit from living by. “Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is today.” We often focus on our past and what could define us rather than putting our eyes on the future and working on projects and goals that could give our life new meaning. This statement itself defines Ed Roman’s life and how he has kept up his historic career with such longevity. With records like this, it is hard to deny that Ed Roman will be exciting listeners for the rest of his life!

-Colton Devonshire