Dreamin’ Out Loud – The new Synth pop / rock anthem by Vineet in 2021 !

Dreamin’ out Loud is the first single by Indian artist ‘VINEET’ in 2021. ‘Dreams are like horses you can’t hold them back, no matter what ! ’ is what the upbeat synth pop/rock anthem is about.

Vineet is a global indie radio chart topping artist with his earlier singles having topped the Euro Indie & World Indie top 100 charts. His song MASK was ‘submitted in consideration’ for a Grammy in 2020. His other popular radio releases were ‘I’M OK’, ‘GET BACK ON TRACK’ and the very popular ‘HIT THAT HIGH’ which got over 250,000 streams on Spotify. Vineet crossed the 1 Million Spotify stream mark in the year 2020 with his 5 releases in 2020.

Vineet’s influences musically include the synth pop era of the 80s and his vocal idols are mostly the classic rock gods of the 70s & 80s.

Vineet is an Electronics engineer and an alumnus of the Harvard Business School and was former MD & founder of India’s only international format radio station company – Radio One. He now creates original music and also represents other high quality Asian artists in their quest for global playout for their music.

Vineet is also a part of his family band ‘AVNI VIR VINEET’ with his 14 year old twins who had 2 popular radio hits in 2020 – The peppy “TWENTY TWENTY” and the melodius ‘CAN’T WAIT. He says ‘whatever I have learnt in music, I would like my kids to benefit hugely from & I feel fortunate they have taken to music the way they have!’

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