Chords Of Eve Follows #2 iTunes Success With New Futuristic Psych Pop Single And Video

After hitting #2 on the iTunes Pop Chart in South Africa, behind only Lady Gaga, the Austin-based electro pop outfit releases their second song and video.

“Wonderfully infectious and instantly memorable” – Skope Magazine

“a mesmerizing, very full futuristic psych pop sound you’ll want to hear over and over” – Jamsphere

With the February 2020 release of their debut single, “Brightside,” Austin-based Chords Of Eve unleashed their brand of “electro futuristic psych pop” on the world. The track raced to the top of the iTunes pop charts around the globe, peaking at #2 in South Africa, behind only Lady Gaga. The success of “Brightside” has set the stage for the project’s second release.

The second single from Chords Of Eve, “The Future’s not What it Used to Be” is out on Friday, March 27th, 2020. An accompanying video, shot in the Canary Islands, was directed by filmmaker, Jonathan Guttman and features model/dancer, Marta González. The track is taken from Chords Of Eve’s first EP, “Dear Engineer” due out on April 10th, 2020.

ABOUT CHORDS OF EVE: In the words of Sky Titan Media founder and member of Chords Of Eve, Atlas Cage, the alt-pop electronic group hails from “a dimension running parallel to your own.” Joining Cage in Chords Of Eve is the android C.A.S.E.Y. (the first model, serial number 189-5-00) aka Casey Ardmore.

“It is the merging of human and machine, melting into the minds of those who have felt the need to be both flesh and warmth as well as steel and strength,” explains Cage, describing Chords Of Eve. “It’s chill but also strong, empowering and defiant. We want those who listen to our music to feel connected, even in times where they could feel the most isolated. We want people to feel as if someone understands them, that they have been seen.”

ABOUT SKY TITAN MEDIA: Founded in 2019, Sky Titan Media was established to do two things: provide founder Atlas Cage with a way to house all of his creative outlets under one roof and to create a place in which other artists/creators could meet and collaborate in music, film and other mediums of art. Sky Titan was created to act as an independent media incubator, active in the landscape of music, culture, film and technology. They cultivate creativity through experience and connection, both with other artists and the community who supports the art. Their current roster includes Strings Of Atlas (Urban Punk Rock), Sike O. Phenix (Beats/Hip Hop), Chords Of Eve (Pop/Electronic/Alt) and Mnemonic Frequency (Ambient/Binaural). For more information, please visit