Single Review: Bill Abernathy “Whiskey Road”

I need to preface this review by saying this is not my particular taste in music. Bill Abernathy’s “Whiskey Road,” is a fairly heavy, country-rock type of song, leaning a lot on the country side of things. It talks about a man’s wayward and wanderer type lifestyle and how a particular street, which could be metaphorical, but I can’t tell, has affected his life.

I like the idea that “Whiskey Road” is metaphorical, though. If it is meant to be metaphorical, “Whiskey Road” would be the path, or life, of a drunk. I think that is a really interesting way of talking about that subject, instead of just being straight out, talking about being depressed or angry or a loser, etc. The song seems to steer towards a more positive aspect of alcohol, too. Maybe the singer enjoys his way of life, as down and dirty as it might be. I could be way off base with that theory, though. I would like to know if I’m correct or not, but on the other hand, I like leaving it up to interpretation.

The instrumentation is excellent on this track. It really jives with the classic country sound, which I do enjoy for the most part. I feel like the singer and music are trying to tap into that Johnny Cash type of feeling. For the most part, I think it works out well here. It’s hard to live up to a legendary status such as Cash, but this song comes pretty close. It’s upbeat and fun to listen to, but has that hint of wonder and possible darkness, as well.

I do want to point out the vocals on this song too. Abernathy has a wonderful timbre to his voice. It’s a little gravelly and deep, which is always perfect for a country song.

If you are someone who really enjoys that flavor of country, I think you will really dig this song, too.

-Kelsey Valeska