Traindeville presents “The Knight of the Clouds”, a song about war, friendship, love and freedom!

Illustrazione di Fabio Magnasciutti per Traindeville

Traindeville‘s new single (Ludovica Valori and Paolo Camerini), a Roman indie-folk duo that has already released two albums, Shadows and Lights (2015) and Caffè Fortuna (2017), was born from a text written by the TV journalist and writer Annalisa Venditti, author of the book Il Cavaliere delle Rose e delle Nuvole (Edilazio, 2011). The story of the famous TV meteorologist Andrea Baroni, a military internee in the Nazi concentration camps of Ukraine, Poland and Germany after 8 September 1943, was the precious starting point for a passage that speaks of freedom, brotherhood, love beyond any border.
“The duty of every prisoner is to escape”: this is how the young Italian officer, after a long imprisonment, miraculously manages to escape from the German lager on the outskirts of Magdeburg together with a friend of his. The strength of love, the vitality of youth and the importance of peace and freedom are the cornerstones of this piece, whose video clip was shot in important places in the history of Rome. From the House of Memory and History to the Municipal Rose Garden (the ancient “Garden of the Jews”) up to the Belvedere della Memoria in Rome, which was only recently enhanced: fifteen-year-old Ugo Forno, the last martyr of the Resistance, lost his life on June 5, 1944 Roman.
The cover of the single was designed by the cartoonist and illustrator Fabio Magnasciutti.

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Recorded in Rome by Paolo Camerini – The Music Room
Battery recorded in Rome – Dario Esposito Studio
Mixing and Burning: Eugenio Vatta, E45 studio, Rome

Ludovica Valori – voice, accordion
Paolo Camerini – electric bass, small percussions, choirs

Adriano Dragotta – violin
Stefania Placidi – guitar
Dario Esposito – battery

The Videoclip
Directed by Paolo Camerini, Ludovica Valori, Annalisa Venditti
Shooting: Leonardo Cinieri Lombroso, Paolo Camerini, Annalisa Venditti, Ludovica Valori
Editing: Paolo Camerini