MUSIC FOR YOUR EARS | REVIEW I’m Grateful by Darrell Kelley

Facing the increasing number of deaths of Black people due to police aggression in the United States, with this song the talented and brave singer Darrell Kelley wants to show his gratitude for continuing to be alive and having the opportunity to enter a New Year. He wants to make clear what he’s doing is not a complaint. He wishes to foster an atmosphere full of calm at the same time as he wants to show just how badly Black ethnic people are treated. Not only is he a famous singer-songwriter, he is also a social activist who tries to seek justice, understanding, acceptance and unity for one and all, especially in this case for the Black communities.

This song calls on society to stop police brutality, above all against the Black community. He wants to show solidarity with people from his own ethnic group who has lost a family member because they have been victims of racism. On the other hand, the musician wants to show his gratitude for how the year 2022 finished up and to enter the New Year giving thanks. He asks for justice by a demonstration. He thanks God for the New Year, for loving him and for being life.

As for the song, its melody sounds nostalgic to me. The artist has moved from Gospel to other genres, mainly R&B, Hip-Hop and other more mainstream styles. In this track he combines the genres R&B and Christian perfectly to give a touch of magic and humour, while staying close to his musical roots. He thinks love, unity and respect should arrive to everybody to feel better in society. The sound is quite spiritual, and overall it conveys good, chill vibes to the listener. 

Quite simply, this single needs to be considered as his standout track because it explains the rationale of Black Lives Matter and the lyrics are profoundly moving and thought-provoking. There is no doubt he has a great strength in terms of his brilliant voice and courage to stand up over these real and sensitive events. I’d like to recommend delving into this artist beyond this song due to the vital things tells us, in order for everyone to realise the problems society is facing, to raise awareness among those who think it is not their problem, but which we all need to think about and tackle. And the song itself is musical, skilfully produced and profoundly moving.

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