Electronic Songwriter Charlie Pass presents the video “Berlin Tourist 2019 Remix”

Electronic Songwriter Charlie Pass – an alien in Berlin – mixes 80s sounds with sounds
more modern, from Minimal to Electro to Funk. A journey through memory and history a
dance step. Songs that are like chapters of an imaginary book (once yes
they called Concept Albums) which tells the story of today’s Berlin between alienated past and
alienating present.

The Charlie Pass project was born in Berlin between 2011 and 2013 from the ashes of a dream
broken, of a collective hysteria, on the border of the Wall between East and West. Charlie is an alien who
he wakes up at the foot of the Wall in the East Side Gallery, he does not know who he is and to find out he undertakes
a trip to the city of Berlin. It is a journey through the history and memory of a city
unique and extraordinary, full of musical and cinematographic references. It is a journey
within oneself, the search and re-discovery of the profound value of things.

The Videoclip “Berlin Tourist 2019 Remix”
It is a light-hearted and sarcastic parody of the average tourist who comes to the city with only intent
to have fun and consume the city without appreciating and knowing its intense history e
poignant. Obviously it’s a joke: rather than a “hit and run” distracted and fast
it is better not to come (“don´t come here”) and stay at home (“stay at home”). One way
easygoing and light to reflect on the subject.


Charlie Pass: music, words and voice;
Luca Mag: remix.
Berlin / Reggio Emilia (June-July 2019)


Luca Mag.ml

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