🇮🇹 Emilya ndMe – YELLOW LED

Yellow Led by Emilya ndMe Lyrics and Music | Lauretta Grechi Galeno Arrangement | Lauretta Grechi Galeno, Alessandro Ciapica Vocals, synths, bass | Lauretta Grechi Galeno Guitars, bass, drums | Alessandro Ciapica Recorded by Lauretta Grechi Galeno, Emilya ndMe studio Mix // Gabriele Pallanca, Genova Records Master // Mattia Cominotto, Greenfog Studio Video | Lucerna Films Director | Andrea Larosa Executive Producer | Beppe Platania www.lucernafilms.com Published by Cockroach International Production ||YELLOW LED|| No other way, no other way to avoid that knife except trough you. There is a time, there is a moment to connect my mind to me and you: Now hear me while i'm collapsing down Can you ear me cry? you know I'm blind. Another day, another creepy walking way exactly on the edge. There was a time, there was a moment to connect my mind but where are you? [My Yellow Led My Yellow Led] Can you hear me while i'm collapsing down? Just, hear me cry, you know i'm blind

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