MUSIC FOR YOUR EARS | REVIEW The Drug of the Year By Bobby And The Crew

Bobby and the Crew, a Norwegian band established in 2009, has been known for
their dynamic line-up changes and a sound that refuses to be pigeonholed. Their latest
single, The Drug of the Year, shows their versatility, effortlessly blending elements of
pop, dance, and electronic music with ease. This track stands out not just for its genre-
blending qualities, but also for its remarkable execution and expressive power.
One of the most striking features of The Drug of the Year is the vocal interplay.
The gravelly masculine voice juxtaposed with feminine vocals creates a compelling
contrast that drives the song forward. This duality adds a rich texture to the track,
making it both gritty and transcendent at different points. The masculine vocals lend a
throaty, raw edge, while the feminine voices bring an attractive, airy quality that
enhances the song’s overall appeal.
The song’s production is impeccable. From the opening notes, it’s clear that
meticulous care has been taken to craft a sound that is both polished and vibrant. The
melody is astonishing, hooking the listener from the very start and maintaining its grip
throughout. Each verse is memorable, contributing to a narrative that is both delightful
and uplifting. The chorus, in particular, is a standout moment, with its powerful, punchy
delivery and infectious energy.
Lyrically, The Drug of the Year is both inspiring and engaging. The lyrics weave
a story that is easy to connect with, providing an emotional core that resonates deeply.
The song’s message is uplifting, promoting a sense of positivity and motivation that
makes it a perfect rallying cry for any high-energy playlist. It’s a track that encourages
the listener to take on the world, embodying an epic quality that feels both personal and
Musically, the band makes a bold choice by incorporating horns and percussive
instruments, eschewing the more traditional synthesisers and electronic beats typically
found in pop and dance tracks. This decision pays off, as it gives the song a unique,
eclectic sound that stands out in a crowded musical landscape. The use of synthesisers is
still present, but they are employed in a way that enhances rather than dominates the
overall sound.
The Drug of the Year is characterised by its high-energy flow and restless
performance. The track’s fast pace and vibrant energy make it a perfect addition to any
dance floor or workout playlist. It’s a song that practically demands movement, whether
that’s dancing, running, or simply tapping your foot along to the beat. The energetic
vibes are contagious, and it’s hard not to feel a surge of adrenaline while listening.
One of the most impressive aspects of this track is its ability to lift the listener’s
spirits. It’s a song that feels inherently positive, designed to elevate moods and inspire
action. The eclectic sound and lively performance combine to create an electrifying

effect that leaves a lasting impression. It’s a truly spectacular experience that reveals
Bobby and the Crew’s ability to craft music that is both refreshingly different and
universally appealing.
All in all, The Drug of the Year by Bobby and the Crew is a splendid track that
defies convention and delivers an unforgettable listening experience. Its unique blend of
vocals, eclectic instrumentation, and powerful production make it a standout release in
the pop and electronic genres. This song is not just another entry in their discography;
it’s a vibrant, striking piece of music that will resonate with both long-time fans and
new listeners alike. Whether you’re a casual listener or a demanding music aficionado,
this track is sure to leave you impressed and inspired.

Review made by Lucy Cicioni