MUSIC FOR YOUR EARS | REVIEW Can You Feel It By Matthew Schultz

Matthew Schultz’s latest offering, Can You Feel It, is nothing short of a
euphoric masterpiece in the world of electronic music. With its jubilant synth melodies,
heart-warming soundscapes, and an instantly memorable vocal hook, this track
immerses listeners in a blissful blend of energy, celebration, and victory. Schultz’s
prowess in creating uplifting electro-pop is on full display here, making it a perfect
addition to playlists like CHILL HITS, GOOD VIBES, DAILY LIFT, and more.
The song effortlessly combines elements of pop, dance, and AC genres to
deliver a refreshingly different and original rhythm. Schultz’s mastery of keyboards is
evident, as he crafts a sparkling melody that radiates positivity and joy. The lively,
upbeat vocals add to the energetic vibes, making Can You Feel It an instant hit with its
infectious rhythm.
Matthew Schultz, once known for his guitar work in Chris Daughtry’s first band,
has evolved into a devoted producer, singer, and multi-instrumentalist. His versatility
and skill are evident in his music, and he has gained recognition with multiple original
tracks featured in Spotify Editorial Playlists and viral success in multiple countries. Can
You Feel It is poised to elevate his career even further.
The euphoria in Can You Feel It is apparent from the very beginning, drawing
listeners into an exhilarating soundscape that is nothing short of a musical celebration.
Schultz expertly balances keys, synths, and vocals, showing the diversity and passion
that defines his work. There’s a certain resonance in this track that harkens to industry
giants like The Chainsmokers and Daft Punk, making it an exemplary fusion of EDM
and pop.
Released on September 29th, Can You Feel It is magnetic, destined to become a
timeless sports anthem, igniting vast arenas with its layered melodies, vibrant colours,
rhythmic beats, and soulful vocals. It’s more than just a song; it’s an experience and a
journey, a true celebration of Matthew Schultz’s musical ability.
Matthew Schultz’s journey in the music industry has been marked by constant
evolution and a refusal to be confined by genre boundaries. Can You Feel It is an
evidence to his aptitude to create music that resonates with a wide audience, blending
keys, synths, and uplifting vocals in a compelling fusion.
The music video for Can You Feel It adds an exciting visual dimension to the
track, drawing inspiration from Inter Miami CF and soccer excitement. It captures the
essence of teamwork and the thrill of scoring winning goals, perfectly complementing
the song’s vibe.
The blend of smooth synths and entrancing vocals in Can You Feel It creates a
mellow groove that’s reminiscent of Daft Punk’s best work. Schultz’s transition from a

guitarist in Chris Daughtry’s band to a multi-talented artist is apparent in his production,
singing, and instrumental skills.
Can You Feel It is a timeless anthem for sports events and parties, projecting a
chilled-out, soul-driven spirit that guarantees repeat listens. Schultz’s music serves as an
inspiration for various activities, actions, and events, making it a worthwhile addition to
your playlist.
Overall, Can You Feel It is more than just a song; it’s a celebration of music and
life, a proof to Matthew Schultz’s artistry and passion. This dance-pop extravaganza
pulsates with life and elation, and it’s destined to be a hit that resonates with a global
audience. Schultz has once again proven himself as a formidable force in the world of
music, and Can You Feel It is a shining example of his musical competence. Don’t miss

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