MUSIC FOR YOUR EARS | REVIEW Cigarette in the rain By Bekx

Bekah Grace Goodman, better known as Bekx, is a rising Country Music artist with a passion for storytelling and a standout voice. Born in Atlanta, Georgia, but raised on Santa Catalina Island in Southern California, Bekx’s early years exposed her to diverse cultures and lifestyles. Her love for the outdoors, combined with a deep appreciation for music, has shaped her artistic journey. 

When her family moved to Pensacola Beach, Florida, she had the opportunity to connect with country artist Brooke Woods and opera singer Summer Watson, who became sources of inspiration and support. Vocal lessons, studio recordings, and exposure to the world of music performers further solidified Bekx’s passion for performance. Currently working with notable music producers such as Elisha Hoffman, Rebecca Lynn Howard (Grammy Winner), and Lincoln ‘BarNone’, Bekx is elevating her career and preparing to release her first album. She has also collaborated with artists like JC on the song Unnatural. Her debut single, Scissors, released in June 2019, garnered attention on the Country Music Charts, peaking at #56 on the Music Row Country Breakout Radio Chart. 

Cigarette in the Rain tells a rollercoaster love story. The velvety tones of her voice, together with strong but delicate instrumentation including guitar xylophone and percussion, combine to give rise to a melodic and well-crafted whole in which the quality of the vocals and the professionalism of the production shine through. 

What struck me most is the special ending with respect to other songs of the same genre (indie pop, country, indie rock, top 40) – no spoilers, you need to hear it for yourself!) The song itself is calm and relaxing, and yet has a quality which makes the listener return to it again and again. Such re-listening will help to realise just how much technical skill and vocal talent is needed to produce and perform this song to the standard on the track, and how much this singer deserves the recognition which will surely come her way. 

Bekx is at the beginning of what promises to be a very successful career in the country music genre. However, to describe her as such does not reflect the range of styles and influences which shape her work and hone her skills. Her passion for her craft shines through every note and chord. Her journey so far has been fascinating. Now, both on her own and in collaboration with even more established artists, she is on the cusp. Her artistry is both unmistakable and unique, and the opportunity to get to know more about this emerging talent should not be missed. 

Review Made by Lucy Cicioni

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