Euro Indie Music Chart – Week 52.2022

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The Euro Indie Music Chart, the most listened to and loved indie music chart in Europe, is back again this week, in collaboration with Musik and Film Records (USA), Formula Indie (UK), European Indie Music Network (UK), MEI- Sangiorgi (IT), AudioCoop (IT) , LFD Press (IT), Tibo TV (AL), Rete Oro (IT)

All songs from the chart are in rotation on the European Indie Music Network

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This week at the top of the chart we find Billy Gaines with Bow in Awe followed by Eller Rhodes with It’s Christmas and Druv Kent with Million Ways


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The ranking is drawn up on the basis of the results achieved by the artists in the radio broadcasts affiliated to the European Indie Music Network and on the public’s satisfaction, in fact, through this link you can vote for your favorite song, among those in the list and at a technical value called ‘ multiplier’ assigned by the staff to the songs of the Formula Indie which goes from 1 to 2 and which affects the ranking by multiplying all the valid points

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The last 4 weeks are considered in the calculation but there is an additional weight to give more emphasis to those transmitted more recently. The value of this weight is calculated as follows: x1, x 0.4, x 0.2, x 0.1

The first 40 songs of the ranking are broadcast with the countdown format every Friday night at 24 on and on digital terrestrial channel 77 in Lazio

1🇺🇸Billy Gaines – Bow In Awe
2🇺🇸Eller Rhodes – It’s Christmas6165,12
3🇺🇸DawgGoneDavis – Here Comes Santa Dawg3610
4🇸🇬Druv Kent – Million Ways3515
5🇺🇸Max Hawthorne – A Tyrannosaurus For Christmas
6🇨🇦BCC Music – Santa Bring My Baby Home To Me3344
7🇺🇸Max Hawthorne – Loptr Rising
8🇬🇧People Of The Beltane – Welcome Christmas3078
9🇬🇧Beverley Knight – A Christmas Wish
10🇳🇴Bobby And The Crew – Prince Of Charm
11🇦🇹ViennaCC – Here comes the attraction2508
12🇺🇸Dunia Best and Aram Sinnreich – It’s Never Easy2394
13🇺🇸GIO – Still Here (Strangest Thang)2280
14🇺🇸Coppe Cantrell – Pick The Gate
15🇺🇸Ricky Forest – Honey Please Come Home2147
16🇨🇦22 Hertz -Get The Hell Out2109
17🇺🇸DAWGGONE DAVIS ft. Chago G. Williams – Can’t Rap My Head Around this
18🇺🇸Sisters J – Clearly1768,087
19🇫🇮HiSQ & Marko Hietala – Flesh and Blood1733,56
20🇦🇺Madison – Nightshade1645,6
21🇮🇹Il Mito New Trolls – Da “Concerto Grosso n. 2”: Andante (Most dear lady)1540,5
22🇮🇹Danilo Amerio, Il Mito New Trolls, Jhonson Righeira, Marco Ferradini, Valentina Gautier, Recidivo, Coro Young Cetra – Merry Xmas (War is over)1518,4
23🇮🇹Shel Shapiro – Quante volte1261
24🇮🇹VOCINSIEME (Danilo Amerio, Bobby Solo, Charlotte, Franco Fasano, Marco Ferradini, Riccardo Fogli, Silvia Mezzanotte, Andrea Mirò, Coro I Piccoli Cantori di Milano, diretto da Laura Marcora, Soul NRG diretto da Giacinto Livia) – La notte più dolce che c’è1234,8
25🇺🇸Kelsie Kimberlin – Fruit Basket1159
26🇩🇪PARIS AHEAD – Silence1056,4
27🇺🇸Kelsie Kimberlin – Cosmopolitan Girl974,1
28🇺🇸Jaeden Zoe – Lips on Me969
29🇺🇸Adam Randy – Another song914,28
30🇺🇸Tom Nelson – Serenity Song836
31🇺🇸The Hourglass Effect – Hidden Faces831,19
32🇨🇭James Leeds FT. Jacob – Whenever or Wherever
33🇮🇹Nilla Pizzi & Platinette – Fai da te (Original version)710,4
34🇨🇦Brookfield Line – Friends
35🇮🇹Marco Ferradini e Charlotte – Amazing grace598,3
36Alec Berlin – Minir Maad570
37Aria – A Christmas Letter570
38🇺🇸J.Maurice – Beautiful570
39🇺🇸PTtheGospelSpitter – Kingdom (feat. Stephen Voyce)
40🇮🇹Franco Fasano – Mi manchi548,8
41🇺🇸Billy Gaines – World of Hope541,88
42🇯🇵Ginger May – Me and You522,5
43🇮🇹Nerocolore – Profondo517,92
44🇺🇸Die Tired – Play507,698
45🇳🇬Olistar – The Story475
46🇺🇸Anthony Casuccio – What Is The Point462,15
47🇺🇸The Bind – Swells454,736
48🇺🇸IzzEye – Who Dat Dere437
49🇮🇹Riccardo Fogli – Piccola Katy426,8
50🇺🇸Alec Berlin – What I Wish I Had Said396
51🇮🇹Patty Pravo – Non andare via388
52Beauty in Chaos- Bloodletting380
53Chris Connelly- Ripcord, Ripcord380
54Frenchy and the Punk-Lunar Frenzy380
55🇺🇸Maya Azucena – Chameleon380
56🇮🇹Lorenzo Gabanizza feat. Jeff Christie “I Guess I am the Only One”366,7
57🇮🇹TATARELLA – Lontano dai ricordi331,5
58🇮🇹Amal – Qui326,4
59🇮🇹Angelo Divino – Parlami326,4
60🇮🇹Dodi Battaglia e Al Di Meola – One sky (Extended Version)326,4
61🇮🇹Valentina Gautier – Un anno d’amore326,4
62🇮🇹Gaia di Fusco – Fermo immagine312
63🇫🇷Manuel Joachim Alexis Mahé – New One307,2
64🇮🇹Dario Gay e Enrico Ruggeri – Il viaggiatore288
65🇺🇸Low Pulse Project Feat. Daniele de Cario – A Uosemo268,8
66🇨🇦Claire Odogbo – Robed in Righteousness267,4
67Pete Miller – Hard to Find266
68Tasto feat. Scarabocchi – Sul tetto del mondo266
69🇨🇦Dwayne Morgan ft Joel “JJ” Joseph – Christmas Bae252,976
70🇮🇹L-Rhose – You are (I Art Studios Remix)243,96
71🇨🇦The Lakettes – A Dream to Live With242,44
72L-Rhose – Lullaby226,48
73🇮🇹Roberto Pennisi – Moto e blues192,528
74Bellwether Syndicate – Dystopian Mirror190
75🇮🇹Collage – Accanto190
76Faith Marie – NVM (Remix)190
77🇺🇸Kaylin Vela – Summer Bae190
78SICKY – The Bridge190
79Alex Krawczyk “A Song for You”190
80Ali George – Hard to Find190
81Ali Sahir – No Guidance190
82Allee – Tell Me What It’s Like Up There ft. Alfred Nomad190
83Anaté – I Want You190
84AnnaBella – Replaced190
85Babelshack Theater – Edible Product190
86Band Spectra – Walai190
87Bennzahman – Facebook Lovers190
88Beware Wolves – Same Way, You Know190
89Beware Wolves – Signal190
90Beware Wolves – Sirens190
91Beware Wolves – Something Worthwhile190
92Beware Wolves – Song De Jour190
93Beware Wolves – Still Horses190
94Bimboy – Good as Gold190
95Bird Machine – Our Kind190
96Bree Rusev – Dotted Lines190
97Breon S.Y.N.D.E.L – Big Monster190
98Brian Strand – To Build A Home190
99Cansy – STAY190
100Carl Liungman – Alive190
101Carl Liungman – Dream190
102Carl Liungman – Flowing190
103Carl Liungman – Levitate190
104Carl Liungman – Lullaby190
105Carl Liungman – Salvage190
106Carnival Mind – King Of Hearts190
107Carpe Diem – Pixie Dust190
108Caveja – Bricolage190
109Dan Szyller – The Celestial Immigrant190
110Daniel Bohn – Alone190
111Dave Mohan – Shadows in the Fire190
112Deep Dive Species – A Secret190
113Deep Dive Species – Bioluminescence190
114Deep Dive Species – Entry Point190
115Deep Dive Species – In the Azure Sea190
116Deep Dive Species – Lost Transmission190
117Dirty Mitts – My Show190
118Divining Rod – Mason County Line190
119Dorian – Blast Off190
120Down South Pepper band – Moving Down South190
121Dream of a Man in a Top Hat – The Destination190
122Eagle Owl – Gray190
123Eagle Owl – LET GO190
124Eagle Owl – nevermore190
125Frute – 60 Hz190
126Gary Dranow – (Made It) Another Day190
127Giuliano Pramori – Papavero190
128Hangtime – bloodsky interlude190
129Hangtime – Co$tUS190
130Hangtime – My Story190
131Hangtime – Peter190
132Hangtime – The Wolf190
133Hangtime – Unholye190
134Harmony Dreamers – Without You190
135Harry Kappen – WarGames190
136Herald K – Circe190
137Illuminade – Spoonflower190
138Into the Outside Box – Turn It Around190
139Jamcase – Blue Skies190
140Jelo – Ti Va Di Farmi Felice190
141John McDonough – Love You Just for You190
142Julien Noma – Change The System190
143Justin Tibbs – A Funky Nightmare190
144Kaiyah Mercedes – After Summer Ends190
145Kaiyah Mercedes – Hindsight190
146Kaiyah Mercedes – Something Real190
147Kaiyah Mercedes –Beautiful Things190
148katie drives – Next To You190
149Late TV – I Like To Hear That Bird Sing190
150Lewis Knaggs – Feel Forever190
151Lilith Max- Big Bad Wolf190
152Love Ghost – Ghost Town190
153Major Kami – Burns In The Barns190
154Major Kami – Skandal190
155MG & the Orbs – Lovin’ Cup190
156Mick J. Clark – Don’t Rush if you’re looking for love190
157Mick J. Clark – Just Gimme Some Lovin190
158Mick J. Clark – My Friend Evonne190
159Mick J. Clark – What are we together for190
160Mick J. Clark – What shirt to choose190
161Mick J. Clark – You’re So Classical190
162Mister Co. – Tonight190
163Modern Folklore – Manchild190
164Modern Folklore – Sidewalks190
165Modern Folklore – Silent Tongue190
166Modern Folklore – This Pain is A Gift (The Quarantine Song)190
167MUB (Mahir Uskan Batmaz) – After you190
168Nick Noon – Bring Out The Sunshine190
169Nicole Thomas – Imagining190
170Pamela Hopkins “Squirrel Train”190
171Parjam Parsi – Confessions190
172Parjam Parsi – So close190
173Parjam Parsi – So far190
174Paulie Ryhme – Stay with Me feat. Lena (Avocado Boys)
175Pete Miller – A Light out There190
176Pete Miller – The Raven & The Dove190
177Pullstring – The Only Thing190
178Ralphy – Wanted Sam J Garfield Remix190
179Richard Lynch “Better Off”190
180Ronan Conroy – Double Helix190
181ROREY – Loaded Gun190
182Rye Catchers – Sometimes190
183S J Denney – Wishful Thinking190
184Sasha & The Bear – Lake Sommen190
185Sassyhiya – Thank you and goodbye (live)190
186Sassyhiya – You can give it (but you can’t take it) (live)190
187Signs of Site – Wandering / Unbecoming190
188Solar Flare Sunset – Everything190
189Solar Flare Sunset – Green190
190Solar Flare Sunset – Imaginary190
191Solar Flare Sunset – Take Hold190
192Sombertrap – The Distance (between Before and After)190
193Soná – Calling190
194Sonny Chamaquito – Hace Calor190
195Sonomancer – Stoppage Time190
196Sounds Like Lily – Glad I Met Ya190
197Spitfire – I’m not in love190
198Starry Skies – Smile Through The Dark190
199Stunna – Hoop Earrings190
200Stunna – Jenny190
201Stunna – Love190
202Stunna – Monsters190
203Stunna – Solid Gold190
204Stunna – The Party190
205Tasto feat. Scarabocchi – Sul tetto del mondo190
206Temperature Falls – Apology190
207Tennessee Outlaw Country – Ghost Train190
208TerraTara – Empty Apartment190
209The Al Ur Pal Project ft. The Asidors – My Honey (His Drips)190
210The Cinema Show Quartet – La tua assenza190
211the Curse of KK Hammond “Death Roll Blues”190
212The Ember Glows – Silent Love190
213The Exhales – Call On Karma190
215The Long Lost Somethins – Holy Sunday190
216The Wildwoods – West Virginia Rain190
217Tommie Leveal – As You See Me Walking190
218Vulgar Commons – Country Club190
219🇺🇸JamesDjj – Want to die188
220🇺🇸My Luv Notes – Cash Out178,398
221🇺🇸Jerry Impini – Loner With The Multi Million Dollar Cut177,3
222Tanja Carol – Good To You172,52
223🇺🇸Ryte Eye Ty – Where Have The Heroes Gone171,9
224🇦🇺Jamcase – Blue Skies156,716
225🇮🇹Beppe de Francesco – 12 maggio 2016 (Remix)138,381
226🇺🇸Doug Cash : Fool Play # 2135,1
227🇺🇸Steph Delz – 19-Ninety134,4
228Tia McGraff – Go Your Own Way124,15
229🇬🇧Rogue FX – Don’t Talk To Strangers115,8
230🇺🇸PT The GospelSpitter – “SfTK Remix” feat. Emcee N.I.C.E. and J-NiBB115,32
231Mick J. Clark – It’s Getting Near Christmas.114,6
232🇺🇸Alec Berlin – Patchen Avenue97,5
233🇪🇪California Condor – Dissident
234🇬🇧Mick J. Clark – It’s Christmas Party Time95,5
235🇪🇸Djego Silber – Give me emotions95
236🇮🇹Osea Codega – Make me feel95
237🇩🇪Lake Constance & Friends X-MAS PROJECT – Wishing You A Merry Christmas77,6
238Pink Turns Blue – I’m Not Gonna Take It77,52
239🇮🇹Giacali – Nel paese dei balocchi77,2
240🇺🇸Crypto Knight – Break The Code77,164
241🇮🇹Di Vicino – L’estate del ’7877,164
242Beware Wolves – Runaway76,76
243Marcus Sukiennik – Ihr Kinderlein kommet76,76
244Sassyhiya – I Had a thought (live)76,76
245🇮🇹Chuckling Pies – Pegasus76,4
246🇮🇹Daniele Allodoli – La realtà non è così76,4
247🇮🇹Dario BD Bruschi – Questa mia ingenuità76,4
248🇺🇸Dr Jaymz – Set Free76,4
249🇺🇸Dr Jaymz – Set Me Loose76,4
250🇺🇸Los Musick x P.A.T. feat 4-IZE – Too much fire76,4
251ABA – Senza Sosta76
252Adub Nati – Dear Tyler Perry76
253Adub Nati – He Deserves It76
254Adub Nati – Ignorance Sells76
255Adub Nati – Move Ya Body76
256Alessandro Tolone – Wisteria (feat. Federica Tallinucci)76
257Alessandro Tolone Feat. Federica Tallinucci – Verità in bilico nell’aria76
258Alin Dragu-Fac ce vrea inima mea76
259Alin Dragu-Sa curga vinul in pahare76
260Avalight – Follow the Christmas Light76
261Beware Wolves – Rabbit Run76
262Beware Wolves – Radio76
263Beware Wolves – Rather Be Fishing76
264Beware Wolves – Round Again76
265Beware Wolves – Sad Girl76
266Beware Wolves – Sail Away76
267Blacksheep Noise – Patto col Diavolo76
268Bless Parco Rodriguez – Powerful76
269Bromsen – Merryman76
270Cardboard Boxer – All Outta Time76
271Cardboard Boxer – Falling Fast76
272Cardboard Boxer – ICU Again76
273Cardboard Boxer – Pseudo Confidence76
274Cardboard Boxer – Waiting Calmly76
275Carl Liungman – Shine76
276Carl Liungman – Being76
277Carl Liungman – Essence76
278Carl Liungman – Faith76
279Christopher Labi Rance – Cold Christmas Eve76
280Connie Lansberg – Better Things Karaoke76
281Connie Lansberg – Secret Garden (Dislodges Outrage)76
282Connie Lansberg – Whistling Away the Dark (Infuses Optimism)76
283Craig Kierce – Carolina76
284Craig Kierce – It Was a Cold Day76
285Craig Kierce – Parts Unknown76
286Darrell Kelley – Didn’t Have To Kill Him76
287Dazer0 – Cambiare idea76
288Deep Dive Species – Azimuth76
289Deep Dive Species – Beach Runes76
290Deep Dive Species – One Hand Clap76
291Deep Dive Species – Sand Story76
292Deep Dive Species – YOLO76
293Desarae Dee – Holiday Soul76
294Ergo Tatters – A Walk Through The Museum76
295Fabrizio Clementi – Io e te76
296Federica Tallinucci e Alessandro Tolone – Un motivo76
297Fletcher Holloway – In The Blind76
298Francie Conway – Peace, Love & Rock n roll76
299Gabriele Saro – Always in my mind76
300Gallowayyys – CRUSHIN76
301Gary Sutcliffe – Journey to the Moon76
302Giacali – Uccelli senza ali76
303Giosef – Le 3 di notte76
304Hangtime – Insert Coin76
305Hangtime – Planet Party76
306Hangtime – Someone Else76
308Jonathan Cavier – Walls of Glass76
309Kansah – 26.08 (Do Me Je Je)76
310Lowkee – Feel Me76
311Marcus Sukiennik – O Tannenbaum76
312Marcus Sukiennik – Stile Nacht76
313Marcus Sukiennik – Heiligste Nacht76
314Marcus Sukiennik – Jingle Bells76
315Marcus Sukiennik – Kommet, ihr Hirten76
316Marcus Sukiennik – Leise rieselt der Schnee76
317Marcus Sukiennik – Morgen kommt der Weihnachtsmann76
318Matteo Prencipe – Fuori da me76
319Maurizio IN – San Jose76
320Mauto – L’itaglia (Aida S’è Persa) [Keejay Freak Remix]76
321Maya Yenn – Better Luck Next Time76
322Mick J. Clark – Sing Glory Glory Hallelujah76
323Mick J. Clark – Sing Glory Glory Hallelujah76
324Mick J. Clark – There’s Nothing Anybody Can Do76
325Mike P Fitzpatrick – Why Complain feat. Sarah Teibo & Tony Pruitt76
326Miqa.el “Walking Medicine”76
327Moondreams Music – Only on the Dance Floor76
328MOVMENT – I Can See
329Mr. Wizard – Greener76
330Najman – Cry Blue76
331Nasca – Gira che gira76
332OMW2Happiness – I Got what i need76
333Parjam Parsi – Empty76
334Parjam Parsi – Inside Outside76
335Parjam Parsi – Over There76
336Parjam Parsi – Railyards76
337Parjam Parsi – To a reason76
338Parjam Parsi – What took you so long76
339Parjam Parsi – Words76
340Paul Rondena – Una foto76
341Pete Miller – A Light out There – Intro Version76
342Pete Miller – I Wrote Hannah a Letter76
343Pete Miller – Midnight Blue76
344Pete Miller – Oh, Lord76
345Pete Miller – The Dazzling Kimberly76
346Pete Miller – The Star Showman, Pt.I76
347Phillip Sanders-If I didn’t love you girl76
348PttheGospelSpitter – Kingdom (feat. Stephen Voyce)76
349PTtheGospelSpitter ft. Miquel – Live In Me76
350Puretopic – IG Vixxxen76
351Pynappol – Keda76
352PYNAPPOL – Vibes76
353Raffaele Poggio – Quedate Conmigo76
354Renita Zintel – Sinner76
355Rich Chambers- I Saw Her Standing There76
356Rich Jacques – Everything Must Change76
357Richard Lynch – Radio Friend76
358Safil – Principessa76
359Sandra Grace – Got 2B Famous76
360Sano Hill – Feel Love76
361Sara Rinaldi – Ama76
362Sarantos – I Wish76
363Sassyhiya – Puppet Museum (live)76
364Savet – Tornadi Sfocati76
365Scaccabarossi – Chiudi Gli Occhi76
366See Your Shadow – Take It to your Grave76
367Silvia Thomas feat. Cesare Mecca – El Taladro76
368Solar Flare Sunset – Absent76
369Solar Flare Sunset – Collecting Rust76
370Solar Flare Sunset – El Dorado76
371Solar Flare Sunset – No Man’s Land76
372Solar Flare Sunset – War Pigs76
373Spitfire – I’m not in love76
374Stunna – American Dream76
375Stunna – Meiwantubad76
376Sumthing Strange – It’s Christmas Time Again76
377Terry Isaiah Johnson & The Flamingos ft. Theresa Trigg – Friday Night76
378The Long Lost Somethins – Factory Reset76
379The Long Lost Somethins – Ghosts and Spirits76
380The Long Lost Somethins – Great Bottom Lake76
381The Long Lost Somethins – I Don’t Want to be an Addict76
382The Long Lost Somethins – Sobriquet76
383The Long Lost Somethins – Voyeur76
384The Mars McClanes – ¿Dónde Está Santa Claus?76
385The Official 4PM – Some of the Time76
386The Santa Monicas – Telephone76
387Tia McGraff – Change a Comin’76
388Tia McGraff – Nighthawk76
389Tora Woloshin – True Legacy76
390Voké – Christmas Time76
391YoungButConnected – Pro(gram)med76
392YoungButConnected – UnderCover76
393🇨🇦Alex Krawczyk – Turning74,4
394🇺🇸MINT – Devil58,52
395🇮🇪pMad – Sisters54,72
396🇮🇹Artic Baba – Onde Radio47,368
397Nadirah X – I GOT YOU43,32
398Chance the Closer – Algo40,66
399Energy Whores – Psycho Chemistry40,66
400🇺🇸Robert Minott – You Are 39,576
401🇨🇦Rich Chambers – High School Can’t Last Forever39,2
402Greenhouse – god-like. a modern-day parable38,76
403Mary Ozaraga – Better Days38,76
404Solar Flare Sunset – Green38,76
405🇺🇸Ronnue Ft. Lisa G. Allen – Dance Tonight38,4
406🇨🇭Settore Giada – Love38,4
407Don Pasquale Ferone – Il creato38,38
408Don Pasquale Ferone – Il Signore è potenza38,38
409Motionyear – Disarray38,38
410Nieri – Face Remix38,38
411The Northern Light – Waiting For The Flood38,38
412🇷🇴Alin Dragu-Danseaza38,2
413🇺🇸Chris St. John – Fly Away38,2
414🇮🇹Compañeros Soda – Parada Capo Blanco38,2
415🇺🇸Kaylin Vela – Twisted Games38,2
416🇺🇸Mike Walla – Rockabye Lady38,2
417🇱🇸Mo-Nitta feat. Moddaw – Ha Re Ts’oane (Prod. By Nejah)38,2
418🇺🇸Paper Citizen – Heart On Fire38,2
419🇬🇧Ree-Vo – Spacebox38,2
420🇺🇸Rob Munk – Amazon38,2
421🇮🇹Savet – Lividi38,2
422🇮🇹Vincenzo Frasca feat. Tasha LaRae – Suddenly38,2
423[USER] Salv.E – Run From Me38
424Adub Nati – Alleviate From Mind38
425Adub Nati – Death By Jew38
426Adub Nati – Strange38
427🇺🇸Adub Nati – Uh Oh38
428Airyen Vay – Outta Love38
429Albert Ohayon – Les Grands Sages De L`Humanité38
430ALCHA – Steady38
431Anne Bennett – Snake in Paradise38
432Arin – Loving is Wasted38
433Arn-Identified Flying Objects and Alien Friends – I Dreamt I Met Elvis38
434Beware Wolves – Medicine Man38
435Beware Wolves – Miles38
436Beware Wolves – Mira38
437Beware Wolves – New World38
438Beware Wolves – Not that Strong38
439Beware Wolves – Note to Self38
440Beware Wolves – Only One38
441Beware Wolves – Phenom-Anom38
443Brass Camel – Easy38
444Brass Camel – Only Love38
445Brass Camel – Shaking in my Boots38
446Cardboard Boxer – Cutting Ties and Burning Bridges38
447Cardboard Boxer – Going Nowhere38
448Cardboard Boxer – Growing Older38
449Cardboard Boxer – Reasons38
450Cardboard Boxer – Waste My Time38
451Chris St John – When Dreams End38
452Comeilmiele – coordinate38
453Connie Lansberg – ‘Round Midnight (Dislodges Unconscisness)38
454Connie Lansberg – Angel Tears (Dislodges Zeal)38
455Connie Lansberg – Deep Dark Down & Blue (Infuses Power)38
456Connie Lansberg – Lonely Passion (Dislodges Isolation)38
457Connie Lansberg – Perfect Tears (Infuses Peace)38
458Connie Lansberg – Something Cool (Dislodges Delusion)38
459Connie Lansberg – Still (Dislodges Abuse)38
460Cooper – Babygurl38
461Craig Kierce – Bird in the Hand38
462Craig Kierce – Broken Record38
463Craig Kierce – Emily38
464Craig Kierce – Manhattan38
465Craig Kierce – Only Time38
466Craig Kierce – Stationary38
467Craig Kierce – Wrong Kind of Spell38
468Don Pasquale Ferone – La forza dello Spirito38
469Electric Sol – Looking For Love38
470Evil Sweet – Out of Nowhere38
471Frida – انا مين Ana Min38
472Frogs In Suits – Headwires38
473Galactapus – The Lustful Arts38
474Geena Gangi – Sugar Stained38
475Heedless Elegance – The Blaze Of Glory38
476James Gittins – What You Want38
477Jefe Chindrix – You’ve Got Mail38
478Josy B – XX bad38
479Juliano – Lamento38
480Julie Ann Weiler – Something Gets Me38
481Kaleigh – Situationship38
482Katye Kellye & The Interruption – It Simply Isn’t Christmas…38
483‪Keren Ram‬‏ – Keep Walking38
484Lewca – Friday Night Rockstar38
485Lord Sonny The Unifier – Howl38
486Luca Guadagnini & Band – Amarsi è38
487Luke Askew – Beek Street38
488Mad Painter – Illusion38
489mad/no/mad – Jingle Bells38
490Magalie Vinotti – Male nel bene38
491Marcus Sukiennik – Alle Jahre wieder38
492Marcus Sukiennik – O Jesulein zart38
493Mary in the Mirror – Fire Lighter38
494Matt DeAngelis – Change Your Ways38
495Miky Dunn – Dynamo38
496Miky Dunn – Holding Back in the Dark38
497MNERVA – Love Song38
498Mr. Wizard – By the Sound of It38
499Mr. Wizard – I Don’t Want to Think About It38
500Mr. Wizard – Make it Alone38
501Mr. Wizard – Wait and See38
502Mumbo – Rollin’ Over38
503Naya Rockers – Illusions38
504Nuno and the End – Astronaut38
505Nuno and the End – Cordelia38
506Nuno and the End – Eternity38
507Nuno and the End – Hyperspace38
508Nuno and the End – Into the Void38
509Nuno and the End – Remembrance38
510Nuno and the End – Solar Epiphany38
511Nuno and the End – Space Oddity38
512OneNamedPeter – Alchemy38
513OneNamedPeter – Under Your Skin38
514OneNamedPeter – Wings38
515Parjam Parsi – Somewhere38
516Paul Byrne – FUH (I Can’t Stop Falling)38
517Pimptress- Candy38
518Posse Unit Ft. Aleinad – Touch my body38
519Premanition – Mars38
520Roger Ambroos – I Still Can Remember38
521Roxy Rawson – Running Up That Hill38
522S-BEATS MUSIC – Dear Lord38
523S-BEATS MUSIC – Flashbacks38
524S-BEATS MUSIC – Regular38
525Sandmoon – Absolution38
526Sandmoon – Let’s Start a War38
527Sandmoon – Silent Leaders38
528Sandmoon – Wake Up38
529Second Adam & the New Creations – Kiss the Son38
530Solar Flare Sunset – Everything38
531Solar Flare Sunset – Imaginary38
532Solar Flare Sunset – Take Hold38
533Starlunge – Tonight for love38
534Tally Koren – It’s Who You Are38
535The Dead Riders – Country Town Virgin38
536The Fellons – Thousand Lights38
537THE HYBRIS – Keep The Wolves Away38
538The Landed – You’ll Be Ok (For Vanessa)38
539The Loud Bangs – The Edith Formation38
540The Loud Bangs – The Jamie Situation38
541The Loud Bangs – The Jessica Triangle38
542The One Tonic – Richest Man Alive38
543The Slacksons – WAKE UP38
544Tia McGraff – Clockwork38
545Tia McGraff – Organic38
546Tia McGraff – Sometimes Love’s Like That38
547Tia McGraff – With Love38
548Toğrul – FLASH38
549Toğrul – instanbul tunnel38
550Toğrul – Part I38
551Toğrul – Raw38
552Toğrul – Shur38
553Toğrul – simple misconception38
554Vallac – ETNIES38
555Wu Wei Marathon – Remedy38
556Xivra – L.A.L.I.M.U.38
557Xuavage Love – Bad Run38
558YoungButConnected – He Says38
559🇷🇸Realma – Ashgrey Butterfly35,91
560🇮🇹Sonia Piasentin – Christmas across my mind33,06
561🇬🇧Lochlan Shaw – Then She Moves23,94
562🇬🇧Cloudshapes – Newborn23,18
563🇬🇧Sun-Pinned Leaves – Nothing Better Than Rain21,28
564🇺🇸Sung Eun Choi – I20,9
565🇬🇧Sun-Pinned Leaves – Peekskill Meteorite20,71
566🇺🇸Taylor McClaine – Hustle & Thrive19,4
567🇮🇹Don Pasquale Ferone – Sostegno19,38
568🇬🇧Rhian! – Be My Baby This Christmas19,38
569🇨🇦5th PROJEKT – Vagabond19,19
570🇫🇷La Biche – Hard Vision19,19
571🇺🇸Pullstring – When It Began19,19
572🇬🇧Skar de Line – No Eyes In Paradise19,19
573🇨🇦Wotts – SOMETHING19,19
574🇺🇸Centershift – From Where We Are19,1
575🇺🇸Chris Ford – Whiskey Still19,1
576🇺🇸Craymo – One Love One World (We Are One) Freedom Mix19,1
577🇮🇹Elena Sanchi – Sono Viva19,1
578🇺🇸Legacy City x Spazoutbeatz – The Greeting19,1
579🇺🇸Marla Lewis – We all Laugh in the Same Language19,1
580🇺🇸Pamela Hopkins – One Too Many19,1
581🇺🇸Abby London – Off the Grid19
582🇸🇪Aggressive Soccer Moms – That’s How I Feel19
583🇦🇺Alta Falls – I’m At A Loss19
584🇬🇧Anna Bea – Another World19
585🇺🇸Ava Will – No Second Chance19
586🇺🇸Beware Wolves – Lay Down Love19
587🇺🇸Beware Wolves – Little Voice19
588🇺🇸Beware Wolves – Long Run19
589🇺🇸Beware Wolves – Long Shot in the Dark19
590🇺🇸Beware Wolves – Lucky One19
591🇺🇸Beware Wolves – Me for You19
592🇺🇸Beware Wolves – Me Riddles You19
593🇺🇸Bill Diver’s Passionproject – Linklater19
594🇦🇹Blending Borders – Prologue19
595🇬🇧Blindness & Light – Another Day19
596🇷🇸Bones in Butter – Down But Not Out19
597🇨🇦Brass Camel – First Contact19
598🇨🇦Brass Camel – Dinger’s in the Back19
599🇨🇦Brass Camel – I’ve Got the Fox19
600🇨🇦Brass Camel – King for a day19
601🇨🇦Brass Camel – Last Flight of the Vulcan19
602🇨🇦Brass Camel – Pressure Cooker19
603🇳🇿Bravo Bonez – TREASON (feat. Alba Rose)19
604🇺🇸Club Lowlife – Bapestar!19
605🇦🇺Connie Lansberg – Better Things (InfusesTruth)19
606🇺🇸Craig Kierce – Long Time Coming19
607🇺🇸Craig Kierce – Parthenon19
608🇸🇪Crazy toads – Christmas on the moon19
609🇮🇹Davide Anniballi – Interlude19
610🇳🇱Dee & d’Z – Flow19
611🇦🇺Dom Brinkley – Catfish Blues (Live and Well Version)19
612🇧🇪ENRY R – Take Off Your Vest19
613🇸🇪Eva No – Smile at Christmas19
614🇧🇪Factheory – Got You (OK Lion! Remix)19
615🇮🇹Firelight – Resta con me19
616🇨🇭Ge & Luke – There Will Always be a new morning19
617🇺🇸 🇨🇦Hello Fiasco – Hold me Close19
618🇺🇸ILTON – Dopplegänger19
619🇮🇳Ioish – What You Need It For19
620🇺🇸IreQ Savage – HARDEST ONE19
621🇨🇦John Puchiele Ensemble – Burning Winds19
622🇺🇸Joshua Ketchmark – Death Trap19
623🇺🇸Judah Dub – Miles Away19
624🇺🇸Kelsie Kimberlin – Right Place Wrong TIme19
625🇺🇸Kevin Bailey – Lazer Rap II19
626🇺🇸Kevin Bailey – Pull Up19
627🇬🇧Kite – Lie To Me19
628🇺🇸KRISTOPHER – Indigo Sky19
629🇺🇸Love Ghost – Homesick19
630🇮🇹Luca Sammartino – Frugo nel frigo19
631🇺🇸Lucid Evolution – Feel19
632🇺🇸Luke Frees – Most Of The Time19
633🇧🇪Lukx – Mood19
634🇮🇸Marína Ósk – Ástarorð í eyra19
635🇬🇧Mark Millar – The Great Adventure19
636🇺🇸Mark Winters – My Christmas19
637🇬🇧Michael Joyce – Safe Again19
638🇬🇧Mick J. Clark – I Want It More Than You19
639🇬🇧Miky Dunn – An Ode to a Fool19
640🇬🇧Miky Dunn – Annihilator19
641🇬🇧Miky Dunn – Drone19
642🇬🇧Miky Dunn – Just Cause19
643🇬🇧Miky Dunn – Sycophantic Romantic19
644🇬🇧Miky Dunn – Voices on the Wind19
645🇬🇧Moorby Jones – Light Is A Story19
646🇺🇸Munk Duane – Just a Word19
647🇺🇸Nana Kottens – One More Chance19
648🇬🇧Nicola Gaea – Fly19
649🇬🇧NiNi Bong – Christmas Time (Here it Comes Again)19
650🇺🇸Noel Johnson NDJ – So Serious19
651🇩🇪Nuno and the End – Compass19
652🇩🇪Nuno and the End – Exit19
653🇩🇪Nuno and the End – Home19
654🇩🇪Nuno and the End – New Worlds19
655🇩🇪Nuno and the End – Ode to Infinity19
656🇩🇪Nuno and the End – Once19
658🇺🇸Oliver Jordan – Pedestal19
659🇬🇧OneNamedPeter – Blue Boy19
660🇬🇧OneNamedPeter – Heart of Stone19
661🇬🇧OneNamedPeter – Let it Rain19
662🇬🇧OneNamedPeter – Never Never19
663🇬🇧OneNamedPeter – Scorched Earth19
664🇬🇧OneNamedPeter – The Lost Boys19
665🇺🇸Partial Sum – Just Listen19
666🇺🇦Pasha Black – Evening Sun19
667🇺🇦Pasha Black – Everything’s Fine19
668🇺🇦Pasha Black – In the rain19
669🇺🇦Pasha Black – Remedy19
670🇺🇦Pasha Black – Tellin’ Me19
671🇺🇦Pasha Black – World Number Two19
672🇺🇸PAZ el Pana – TELEVISION19
673🇺🇸Petra Jasmiina – Naïve19
674🇨🇭Piano Prince – Soaring19
675🇨🇦Pierre-Luc Asselin – Nous sommes des frères19
676🇨🇦Pierre-Luc Asselin – Sous-Marin Nucléaire19
677🇮🇹Raffaele Poggio – Dejas Huellas (Acqua e Ruggine)19
678🇨🇦Rebecca Sichon – Together19
679🇨🇦Rich Chambers – It’s Christmas Time (All Over the World)19
680🇺🇸Richard Green – A story19
681🇺🇸Richard Green – Just different19
682🇺🇸Richard Green – Midnight19
683🇺🇸Richard Green – Sad but beautiful19
684🇺🇸Richard Green – Sea of memories19
685🇺🇸Romi Chase – Control19
686🇳🇱Rosa Canina – Foxglove19
687🇮🇳S-BEATS MUSIC – Bad Vibes19
691🇮🇳S-BEATS MUSIC –Non Chiederò19
692🇦🇺Sam Wrangle – Always New19
693🇦🇺Sam Wrangle – Circles19
694🇦🇺Sam Wrangle – Spare Room19
695🇦🇺Sam Wrangle – Victoria Brixton19
696🇱🇧Sandmoon – Bearable Lightness of Being19
697🇱🇧Sandmoon – Spirals in my Head19
698🇱🇧Sandmoon – Where do we go from here19
699🇱🇧Sandmoon – While we watch the Horizon Sink19
700🇮🇪sarah mcguinness – Christmas Everyday (No More Sad Songs)19
701🇺🇸Sarantos – Comets19
702🇮🇹Senza Toni – Ma19
703🇦🇺Sharl – 3 Words19
704🇦🇺Sharl – City Lights19
705🇦🇺Sharl – My Own Advice19
706🇦🇺Sharl – Outside19
707🇦🇺Sharl – Real Love19
708🇺🇸Songs for Sabotage – Shadow19
709🇺🇸Sugar Nova – Gospel Hour (2 AM)19
710🇺🇸The Frank Hailey-Eric Zukoski Trio – Sleigh Ride19
711🇺🇸The Loud Bangs – The Gloria Films19
712🇺🇸The Loud Bangs – The Stacey Diagram19
713🇺🇸The Starkillers – Close To The End19
714🇷🇴Thy Veils – Influx19
715🇩🇪Toğrul – fake contructed19
716🇩🇪Toğrul – l’idea19
717🇺🇸V of 40M – PWR19
718🇺🇸Virgø – Married to the Streets19
719🇺🇸Virgø – No competition19
720🇺🇸Virgø – Rumble19
721🇺🇸Virgø – Sky19
722🇺🇸Virgø – West Coast Park19
723🇺🇸Weather King – Jejune Bug19
724🇺🇸Weekend Getaway Band – Waltz on the Moon19
725🇫🇮Willjoy – Dreaming Away19
726🇫🇮Willjoy – Ride the Train19
727🇺🇸Xuavage Love – Pill Intermission19
728🇺🇸yannick mirko – i’d rather be in space19
729🇬🇧Janice – Patience18,8
730Celestial North – The Nature of Light9,88
731National Milk Bar – Energy9,88
732yung lano – Outside9,88
733Alfie James – Liquor Store9,5
734Anton Commissaris – Have You Ever9,5
735Arn-Identified Flying Objects and Alien Friends – Cry of the Wild Goose9,5
736Catherine Elms – Fire Song9,5
737Charlie Rauh – Angels Of Annunciation9,5
738Chasing Foxes – Fire Roses9,5
739Christophersen – Zero9,5
740Desmond Parson – Mend the Pieces9,5
741Ed Roman – I Have a Dream9,5
742Elias James – Low Key Crazy9,5
743Erin May – H!GH9,5
744Evan Michael – Porchlight9,5
745For The Ages – Afro Boutique9,5
746Franklin and Bell – The Weekend (feat. Fiya Mayne)9,5
747full catholic – fly on the wall9,5
748Holger Ålander – Tänd eld på allt9,5
749Honeyyycrush – Tilt Your Head9,5
750J Cru – Don’t Be Sad9,5
751Jeremy Amato – Hatemail9,5
752Last Motion Picture – Your Heart Is A Stranger’s House9,5
753LdashD – Things Change9,5
754Maria Manuel – Find9,5
755Max Sarre – Cloud Nine9,5
756Maybe Sasha – Dana Street9,5
757Polifame – Friendship Reggae9,5
758Pure Obsessions & Red Nights – The heartbeat of the night9,5
759Rick Smoove – Lost9,5
760Sunray Minor – Aurora9,5
761TG3! – Lost Love9,5
762The Loud Bangs – Speed Enforced by Aircraft9,5
763The Marsh Family – In the Bleak9,5
764Tiyto – Changing Face9,5
765Tremr – twentysomething9,5
766Ty Arena$ – Six Feet Under Ft. Kellin Quinn9,5
767Velvet Starlings – HG Wells9,5
768Wooter – Epigraph9,5
769🇸🇪Boys and Ivy – Love me in a hurry7,22
770🇬🇧Sun-Pinned Leaves – Long Live5,32
771🇺🇸Chucky Trading Co – Psychopath Cool5,13
772🇺🇦Neon Black Dreams – Another Day5,13
773🇳🇱Far-be – Yellow4,94
774🇦🇺Matt Xander – The Truth4,94
775🇸🇪The Chuck Norris Experiment – All Your Bridges Are Burning (Long Version)4,94
776🇺🇸308 GHOST TRAIN – Paper Ships4,75
777🇬🇧A.N.J.A. – A-Bomb4,75
778🇩🇪ACUA – Ghost Train4,75
779🇫🇷AlanP – Live You4,75
780🇨🇦Alexander Saint – Better4,75
781🇯🇵Atrem – All Night Cinema4,75
782🇮🇹Belladonna – Nothing Shines Unless It Burns4,75
783🇺🇸BODHI – Birth4,75
784🇺🇸BODHI – Deep Dream4,75
785🇺🇸Brendan Lane – Grand Prize4,75
786🇨🇦Charlie Noiir – On My Sleeve4,75
787🇺🇸Chris Saunders – Countdown4,75
788🇦🇺Cosmo Blue – Take Hold of the Night4,75
789🇦🇺Crabitat – Kings4,75
790🇺🇸Curse Jar (Kinahora) – Oleka4,75
791🇦🇺Dave Helgi Johan – Firefly4,75
792🇬🇧David Taro – Judy4,75
793🇮🇪DEADBEAT DREW – Nothing Stranger4,75
794🇬🇧Departure – Hay Luz4,75
795🇬🇧Dez Rocksteady – You Don’t Need Much4,75
796🇿🇦Double Comfort Safari – Mountains4,75
797🇺🇸Dru Cutler – Vibrate4,75
798🇦🇺Echo & Bloom – All I Want4,75
799🇬🇧FILLY – nyny4,75
800🇦🇺Francis Eden – Keeping Time4,75
801🇮🇱Ga6riella – stranger to you4,75
802🇦🇺Glu – HOT GLU GUN4,75
803🇦🇺Harry Klein – Running out of Time4,75
804🇺🇸Holy Heat – Mud4,75
805🇬🇷Iam Nothe – Babylon Burn4,75
806🇬🇧J.O.B – So I Can Remember4,75
807🇦🇺Jack Maloney – My Oasis4,75
808🇬🇧Joe G – The Way They Fall4,75
809🇺🇸JOIE GREY – Untitled4,75
810🇦🇺Karen Harding – Drive Away4,75
811🇬🇧Kid Apollo – 9:314,75
812🇺🇸Kid Lavi$h – The Show4,75
813🇳🇱KOLBAK – To The Teeth4,75
814🇪🇸LAU – The Fire4,75
815🇦🇹Lil‘ Rubio – bad all night4,75
816🇺🇸Linda Sussman – A Power You’ll Never Know4,75
817🇦🇺LLC – Limousine4,75
818🇺🇸Love Bailey – Hornatia4,75
819🇺🇸Lucas Garrett – So Many Times4,75
820🇬🇧Maya Yenn – Better Luck Next Time4,75
821🇺🇸Nakele – Cigarette4,75
822🇺🇦Neon Black Dreams – Endlessly4,75
823🇺🇸OH.Tae – CCC4,75
824🇺🇸OH.Tae – Whoa4,75
825🇬🇧Oranj Son – Off The Diving Board…4,75
826🇬🇧Oska Zaky – Plastic4,75
827🇮🇱PACEMAKER – Wanderman4,75
828🇬🇧Palma Louca – Disappear4,75
829🇲🇽Rebor – L’atmosphere4,75
830🇨🇦Ruchi – Emotions4,75
831🇮🇪San Rocco – Across The Night’s Ceiling4,75
832🇦🇺Sartika – Anaesthetic4,75
833🇨🇦Shale – Wither4,75
834🇦🇺Society of Beggars – Lick4,75
835🇦🇺Trent Vine – Cosby Sweater4,75
836🇸🇪Valère Géron – You Don’t Want My Heart4,75
837🇮🇱Wanaka – When I Die4,75
838🇺🇸Welcome Strawberry – No One Online4,75
839🇮🇹Don Pasquale Ferone – La forza dello Spirito0,38
840🇮🇪Movment – Violence0,195
841🇧🇪Maxime Marquette – Let Me Tell You…0,19
842victor wrott – Dear Crush0,19