Nicky Roland Pushes The Roots Of EDM On Latest Music

The Producer that takes you back to the banging roots of EDM, House and
Techno merged into a musical excursion that will have you telling people
the DJ Made Me Do It.  With hints of Latin Jazz, Reggae and Hip-Hop
joined in the mix Nicky Roland stands out as one of a handful of
producers creating for real DJs in the era of the “push and play” DJ;
you can hear the difference of someone who understands counting the
beats and blending a song into the mix VS the mixes created purely to
appeal to the algorithms of the streaming platforms. That is what Nicky
Roland gives,  banging beats that are far from the autogenerated,
generic, predictable lick that is out there.

Growing up in London, Nicky was at the forefront of the Underground
party scene in the early 90’s working with the legendary Party Group
Coalesce Sound and Vision. Organizing what was labelled as the best
House Nights in the UK. Now residing in Denver CO he continues to
release those Retro inspired hits.

His latest release “Feel It” is now out on all streaming platforms. Best
put in his own words…. (advance copies available for editorial on

“I’d been thinking of doing a Nu Disco track for a while and had been
listening to Suki Soul (by far one of the most talented singers on the
scene today) quite a lot. I also love the dreamy trippy sounds of Daft
Punk and the vocals Benoit & Sergio used in the $100 bill (all of them
greatly influenced the outcome of this track). I didn’t necessarily set
out with this idea of this being the one, but it certainly morphed into
that. I was working on a YouTube tute to show my workflow, but as I
developed the drums, and layered on the baseline I realized that it was
far too good to be used as a tute. When making music I often feel like
I’m just a passenger blowing the dust away to reveal what it wants to
be. That was definitely the case for Feel It, it’s a far more
subconscious process than a conscious one. It’s often only after the
event that I look back and realize, oh yeah, I was influenced by this
song, or that artist.”

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