World Record holder Vineet launches new club single DEE DA DA DA!

Each genre that Vineet has explored in his tryst with the world record for 9 number 1 singles, last year, has made him want to delve into newer genres and find his inner self through them. This year the house/dance genre beckoned as it allows spirit and body to dance even if one is emotionally tangled. The new single that released on June 28,2022 – Dee Da Da Da ( Love Is Your Game ) made him put it out there, both musically and visually, with his first music video in 2 years!

The music video of this single can be seen here :

About his new single release DEE DA DA DA ( Love Is your Game) : When a sad heart beat meets a happy dance beat you get a song that helps you dance away the heart aches. Vineet’s inspiration comes from seeing people back in huge numbers, in clubs dancing away their pain or in gyms working out, to make themselves strong emotionally and physically.

Vineet explains about his song writing process : ‘The song is about knowing that you have been ‘played’ in the love game and that you allowed that to happen knowingly. So when the game of love is overplayed, you need to make it stop but you have to find the right words. Since the words don’t come you just dance it off and go Dee Da Da Da, accepting love is a game that you have lost to a person who knows how to play it better than you do!’

The sound of the new single encompasses a house genre thick beat coupled with an impactful and pan bounced bass with a catchy chorus that stays with you! The vocals connote the depth of ‘acceptance’ coupled with the vibrance of wanting to brush away the heart ache. Electronic dance design allows pulsating piano and ethereal synths to create a unison of dilemma.

His future journey is to explore newer genres like country and R&B / Gospel and these will define his future releases. He is also enjoying the continued success of his book ‘NINE’ that is both a book + music album, a unique and first such concept in the world! The book reached the #1 Amazon Best Seller rank in the Action Adventure genre and continues to attract new readers and music lovers, globally.

But for now, let us enjoy this newglobal dance song that goes beyond language. Everyone irrespective of their language inclinations, internationally or domestically can easily dance to & sing Dee Da Da Da!