Safil the volcano … Always new ideas, but first “Principessa”

Principessa” is the new summer single from Safil, stage name of Filippo Salonia. An urban, modern love song dedicated to the woman who changes her life, the princess to whom she totally shows her inner world, risking everything. Safil is an artist who was born for fun, during the lockdown, writing down rhymes and dissing to do something different; and the game becomes more and more serious until the moment of the debut we can say gradual, first with his brother Seba Salonia and then as a soloist tout court.
Today Safil is a young artist but already very mature in writing, he makes us smile and move with his sincere, immediate and refined rhymes. The refrain shot in the face at the beginning of the piece immediately enters the head, with the summer pulse built by the wise producer Vinkleam (Vincenzo La Mantia) that enhances the whispered and elegant flow of the voice.
What is striking about Principessa, but you can say about Safil in general (for those who haven’t listened to her, recover Paranoia and her alienating video), is the magnetic effect: you start listening and you can’t stop, something keeps you there to float between words. There are no provocations for their own sake, on the contrary, there is an underlying cleanliness and elegance in the texts that reveal the artist’s full authenticity.
There is a need for authentic artists, without veils and superstructures. Safil “the volcano” is needed.
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Article by AlQuadro