Vineet Achieves a World Record with his Number 1 Singles

VINEET – aka Vineet Singh Hukmani, from India, was awarded a prestigious GOLD DISC PLAQUE by the EUROPEAN INDIE MUSIC COMMISSION and the MEI INDIPENDENTI for his world record breaking feat of being the ‘first artist in the world’ to hold NINE NUMBER 1 positions on the European Indie Top 100 chart in 2021. The Plaque was awarded to him on Jan 11, 2022. The European Indie Music Commission’s 26-year-old coveted chart recognizes the best in independent music worldwide. The chart positions are based on radio airplay across thousands of radio stations and listener votes. 

Vineet started his world chart NO 1 journey with his single Dreaming Out loud in week 5 of 2021 following it up with Can I Go now in week 8, Jab the World in week 13, So New in week 20, I Pray in week 24, Turning Back Time in week 31, Where’s The Fun in week 37, Hurry in week 43 and finally PFH. Party from Home in week 49. He also received a certificate plaque from EIMC and MEI to mark his unique achievement. 

ALESSANDRO CICIONI, Director EIMC, said ‘Vineet’s consistently popular multi-genre music in 2021 has earned him this world record breaking gold disc award for being the first artist in the world to hold NINE number 1s on the EIMC in 2021. We are sure he is an inspiration to many independent musicians across the world looking to get radio play, charting and accolades across Europe and the world for their original music. We congratulate Vineet for 2021 wish him the best for 2022.’

‘It is overwhelming to receive this gold disc award and being honored with a world record breaking feat but at the root of it all I am sincerely grateful for the opportunity to be able to create popular mainstream global music, accepted by radio listeners of all ages all over the world. I thank the EIMC and MEI for supporting me and other independent musicians worldwide in our global music goals, said VINEET.

Vineet was also submitted for 4 Grammys, for 3 of these songs in 2021. The popularity of his music is visible on other popular world charts and audio / video streaming platforms globally.