‘Neolithic’ Delves Into Depths Of His Own Despair In Heartbreak Track, ‘Sick (At All)’ discover that the January 17th in Formula Indie

‘Neolithic’ Delves Into Depths Of His Own Despair In Heartbreak Track, ‘Sick (At All)’ discover that the January 17th in Formula Indie

Neolithic took a bold step and branched out to pursue his own musical interests, delving into the depths of his own consciousness and unravelling the webs of helplessness and love that piece together his creative mind.

The result of his risk is the authentic and honest track before us today, Sick (At All).

Through clever lyrics and intricate rhymes, the musician opens the doors into his inner soul – wearing his raw emotions on his sleeve for the first time in his career.

I haven’t been sober since I was sixteen
And that’s when I first found my weed
Then alcohol came to keep with the ease
Apart from when it didn’t keep up the peace

Sick (At All) reveals a side of the former Nobody’s Heroes frontman that we haven’t seen before. With only his thoughts to guide him, Neolithic embarks on a new musical journey dictated by his past, present and future.

The track is a self-confession about the troubles that haunt Neolithic with revelations of his relationship with drugs and alcohol to help him cope with life. It is about realisation, regret and the rocky road to self-actualisation, paved with an honest admittance of the fragility behind the facade of a showman and musician.

As the track progresses, Neolithic opens up about the circumstances that led to his helpness – a heartbreak – with a nod to one of his many inspirations, Frank Ocean.

But you did not think so far ahead
We would just drink so hard in bed
Embedding your petty me

Sick (At All) embodies the deepest and darkest chasms of our mind tortured by the bottomless pit of heartaches. Neolithic draws inspiration from all genres from music; the use of jazzy keys, the spoken words with a lo-fi touch, and the backbeat rooted in old school hip-hop, and sprinkles a lyrical freshness that generates excitement around what he can conjure up next.
The track was produced by SoloTheProducer and features a music video that is now available online.

For over a decade, Neolithic featured in popular Irish band Nobody’s Heroes before deciding to branch out into a solo career inspired by a curiosity to explore more musical flavours.

Today, the aspiring music-hippie is spreading the music of his own making, delivering a mix of lo-fi influenced, jazz-inspired, hard-hitting hip hop to a growing fanbase in Ireland and across the world.