Prolific Singer Songwriter Sarantos Embraces Greek Heritage On Latest Single Release

The Chicago-based artist has released “A Spoonful Of Greece.” It’s the
follow-up to his #1 international iTunes smash, “I Feel You.

“Thought I’d throw something out into the world to make you fantasize
about what you’re going to be doing this summer”— Sarantos

2021 proved to be a huge year on the international charts for
Chicago-based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Sarantos. The
enigmatic artist topped the iTunes charts in both the United Kingdom and
South Africa. His most recent single, “I Feel You” hit #1 on the UK
iTunes Christian singles chart, while “Every Songwriter Needs To Spend
Some Nights Here In Nashville” hit #1 on the South African Country
Singles chart. It’s his eclectic style that has made Sarantos one of the
most interesting and enduring artists of the past several years.

Now, Sarantos is following up those #1 singles with an ode to his Greek
heritage. “A Spoonful of Greece” is his latest single and video:
“Thought I’d throw something out into the world to make you fantasize
about what you’re going to be doing this summer,” he says. “This
flirtatious world pop song is so different than most songs out there. It
combines lyricism, folk music, middle eastern sounds and makes a
tapestry of all those different conflicting styles.”

Watch the video at

Sarantos recently enjoyed a song placement on the longtime daytime
drama, “The Young and the Restless.”

ABOUT SARANTOS: Sarantos is a DIY international award-winning solo music
artist, #1 iTunes UK Charting singer-songwriter, #1 iTunes South Africa
Charting Folk & Country artist, proud nerd, multi-instrumentalist, book
author, comic book nut, radio show host, poet and part time spy. His
music is a cross between Justin Bieber, Queen, Journey & Ed Sheeran.
He’s an alien who landed here to infect the human race and spread the
disease of music. 2022 is Year #9 of his journey as he continues to
release a new song, lyric video, music video, book chapter and poem
every month bringing his music to life! In 8 years, he has released 16
albums with 202 original tracks as well as 8 fiction/fantasy books that
parallel the songs! He has had numerous media placements for his songs,
instrumentals & cues.

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