This Christmas give a hot meal to a homeless with ‘Merry Angels Christmas 2021’

After the success of last Christmas, supportive music is back in support of the most fragile with
the 2021 edition of “Merry Angels Christmas”, from 6 December in the best digital stores. The proceeds
of the compilation will be donated as last year to the Onlus City Angels:, which deals with the emergency of the homeless. Published by Caliel, la
compilation contains some of the successful songs of the big artists who are part of it and the Gold
Track interpreted by all the artists present in the compilation: Happy Xmas (War is over).
In the logic of mutual support, philosophy that characterizes the project, in the compilation the
“Baptism” of some promising emerging “Music Angels” artists, a very fragile category in
this difficult time.


Gold Track : Happy Xmas (War is over) (J.Lennon – Y.Ono) Eseguita da : Il Mito New Trolls –
Interpretata da : Danilo Amerio – Johnson Righeira – Marco Ferradini – Il Mito New Trolls –
Valentina Gautier – Recidivo – Coro Young Cetra – Realizzazione, Mix & Mastering : Andrea
Cervetto – AC Sun Studio Genova
Dario Gay e Enrico Ruggeri : Il viaggiatore (E.Ruggeri – D.Gay) Arrangiamento, Mix &
Mastering : Luca Marchesin – Cetra Torino – Caliel
Il Mito New Trolls : Live concerto grosso numero 1 – Adagio (L.E.Bacalov – S.Bardotti)
Mastering : Andrea Cervetto – AC Sun Studio Genova – Caliel
Valentina Gautier : Corri che corre il tempo (L.Boselli -L.Marchesin) Arrangiamento: Luca
Marchesin – Cetra Torino – Mix & Mastering: Marco Guarnerio Caliel
Platinette e Dario Gay : Inno della pettegola (G.Nuti – D.F.M.Gay) Arrangiamento e Mix :
Marco Guarnerio – Mastering : Marco D’Agostino – Studio 96khz Milano – su licenza N.A.R.
Danilo Amerio : L’amore ha un altro colore (E.Negri – D.Amerio – U.Ferrara) su licenza Bit
DJ Dado : Angels (R.Gallo Salsotto) su licenza Dielle Records
Joè : Dandelion (J.Parisi) su licenza More than Indie Records
Gianluca Lulu : L’equilibrio (G.Caldara) Arrangiamento, Mix & Mastering : Luca Marchesin –
Cetra Torino – Caliel
Chiara Alesci : Aria (C.Alesci – L.Montalbano) su concessione More than Indie Records
Marco Guella : Tu sei (M.Guella – L.Montalbano) su concessione More than Indie Records

Grafica : Stefano Luna

Si ringraziano per la collaborazione : Mirco Marogna, Auditorium Esoteric Pro-Audio,
gli istituti comprensivi Gozzi Olivetti di Torino, Matteotti di Rivoli e IC Verona 6

What is Music Angels
Music Angels is music in solidarity, already from the choice of the name it is the perfect synthesis of the purpose of the
project: giving life to all-round musical projects to support those in serious emergency,
thanks to the participation in the project of artists, many of whom are well-known, and musical structures that are made
willing to support awareness campaigns and fundraising, giving up their own

The project
The project includes many initiatives: record publications, live, live on the web, merchandising,
crowdfunding and provides that the artists and structures that will be part of it are available through
free services to help support social causes, contributing to the visibility of
artists involved, especially the more fragile emerging ones, who will always be included in the projects.
Who are the Music Angels
They are artists and useful structures that will join one or more projects and will be available, even for
only one occasion, to make their own artistic contribution by renouncing their fees, cachet or