Discover an imponent italian instrumental metalcore Opera ‘UMI’ made a remarkable work! Unveal his journey starting the November 21st with the magnificient track ‘Memory’s Forest’

Discover an imponent italian instrumental metalcore album ‘UMI’ made a remarkable work! Unveal his journey starting the November 21st with the magnificient track ‘Memory’s Forest’

From today, “Nostalgia”, the debut album of UMI, an instrumental metal project created by the faceless guitarist, from whom it takes its name, is available in digital and streaming with the extraordinary participation in Federico’s drums Paulovich (Destrage). “Nostalgia” is a work conceived and created to best express the feelings of UMI and to make them understand to anyone who listens to it, and comes after the release of the single “Voices” and “Memory’s Forest”.

UMI comments on the genesis of the work, stating: The ideas and writing begin during the first quarantine period, where also afflicted by the shadow of depression, I decide to compose what will then be recorded a year later. The period of closure and depression are reflected on the songs, which want to express with their melodic parts, the need to escape to a safe place, while with the heavier parts they want to give space to everyone's need, and the personal one, to go out, the first from home, Antonio from a complicated situation. The songs all have their own story and their own identity, which wants to tell part of my life and my experiences. The album was recorded with the collaboration of Federico Paulovich, drummer of Destrage, who was able to give the album a high level of professionalism, and satisfy the needs and expectations of a fan.
Nostalgia” was composed by UMI. RecLab Studio recording studio (Milan). Production, mix and master by Larsen Premoli. Guitar: UMI; bass: Loris Bersan; drums: Federico Paulovich; keyboards: Larsen Premoli.

For more than ten years UMI has been exploring the sounds of its instrument, the electric guitar. during his training as an artist he has always actively tried to insert his personal vision and style in all his songs, a style born raised and influenced by both modern metal and classic metal artists of the 80s and 90s. With particular attention to the work of Metallica in the early years and subsequently of Destrage, Tesseract and other contemporary examples, his style began to form up to the production of his last songs, where introspective sounds mix with heavy influences. To emphasize his music exclusively, the guitarist decides never to show his face on social media, in videos and promotional photos. In the spring of 2021 he released the single "Memory's forest" followed by "Voices", released on July 14 of the same year.