Alternative Rock portentous band ‘Subsurfer’ will made their debut in Formula Indie with ‘Fairytale Mind’ the November 16th

Alternative Rock portentous band ‘Subsurfer’ will made their debut in Formula Indie the November 16th

Subsurfer is a 4 piece band that hails from Southern California. They’ve been described as if Kurt Cobain surfed.
Lead singer, guitarist, Dave Montalbano literally writes lyrics as he surfs. His band, SubSurfer, formed in San Diego California in 2010, has been described as grungy, gritty, muddy pop. Their new album Subversive, on all platforms, holds true to that original concept.
SubSurfer’s members are Dave Montalbano (lead vocals, guitar), Barry Sinclair (bass guitar, backing vocals), Dave ‘DJ’ Janssen (drums, percussion) and Don DeOliveira (lead / rhythm guitars, backing vocals). After creating an early buzz in the SoCal music scene with their first album ‘We Are Stars’, SubSurfer first gained popularity with their song ‘Girl on Girl” produced by Brian Karcig of Louis XIV, that was featured in the 2012 TV miniseries ‘Weeds’.
Two more studio albums,” Devils Lounge”, and “La La La”, recorded by Steve Albini, spawned radio songs such as “Grow a Beard”, “Teenage Love Gone Wrong’’ and “Dead Roses”which Tim Pyles of 91x called “classic surf rock singles”.
“Subsurfer” name comes from Dave’s part of the underground surfing culture in Southern California, so the name “SubSurfer” makes perfect sense.
When asked what inspires him to make the kind of music SubSurfer is known for, Don DeOliveira said: “Creating unique modern songs with a signature vintage sound is what we love to do best