Kettering Bedroom Pop revelation’CHARGR ‘ is pure freshness with ‘Junk’, on Formula Indie the 30th October!

Kettering, UK Bedroom Pop revelation’CHARGR ‘ is pure freshness with ‘Junk’, on Formula Indie the 30th October!

Hidden amongst the groovy pop beats and shimmering guitars, Junk is about realising you are stuck and dreaming of change. It leans more into the frustration of it all rather than doing anything about it. Sometimes when you are fed up, you might as well just dance… with a bin on your head.

Junk was recorded in Chargr’s apartment at the back-end of lock down. After chopping up guitar samples and singing in his mattress fort, he paid someone on Fiverr to dance as a cheerleader and hung up a green screen in his living room to fill in the blanks with his excellent dance moves.

Chargr is Charlie Wood, previously front man of eccentric alternative pop band, The Retro Spankees, who were signed to Kooky Records in 2005. They starred alongside Noddy Holder in the video for Misty’s Big Adventure’s ironic hit Fashion Parade, were briefly the backing band for legendary graphic novelist Alan Moore and one of their tracks features on James Acaster’s Netflix show, Repertoire.

At the end of 2020 Charlie got nostalgic and felt the urge to make music again so he took part in a one month album challenge in January. Out of that (inspired by Misty’s Big Adventure, Ween, Arthur and Jerry Paper) came Vox Pops, a weird melodic lo-fi pop album with songs about peer pressure at pedestrian crossings, unconditional love for irritating offspring, coding software robots and spying on your neighbours.

From here on when Chargr isn’t at home worrying he’s annoying his neighbours, he can be found in small clubs and pubs armed with his laptop, guitar and keyboard trying to make people smile.

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