SO NEW, the new release by global chart topping artist VINEET , has  a ‘HOT AC synth pop’ sound. It has been released primarily on ‘Adult contemporary’ and Rock radio stations worldwide. 

Vineet says about SO NEW : Everyone’s got screwed oversome time because of some reason or other. Could be a relationship, a job, or just someone messing with your happy state. Sometimes you feel so screwed, you end up beingyanked out of your comfort zone into a ‘new’ situation. You should let that happen to move from being ‘SO SCREWED’ to ‘SO NEW’.  According to the lyrics of the song , all it takes are simple things to bounce back, like a cup of coffee, a cold beer, a sinful bite of chocolate, a yummy ice cream or a simple fresh breath of realization that you need to stop feeling screwed!

The song is upbeat with a thumping synth bass sprinkled with sparkling synth tones to get that mood up! The lyric video depicts everyone’s inner child ready to move to the ‘SO NEW’ feeling and not dwell on the ‘SO SCREWED’ state.

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