Jade Faith Delivers Empowering Music For Women’s Rights

Jade Faith

Jade Faith is one of the most multi-talented people you can ever meet. The singer and songwriter of various genres from Reggae, Gospel, R&B, Lovers Rock to Pop, etc., has over the years proven the true strength of a woman. The vibrant singer believes in the mantra that each day is a gift that is not meant to be wasted, therefore, pushing her to live each day with a sense of wonderment and profound gratitude.

The former Ms. Black Ontario Contestant beauty queen has over and over portrayed her prowess in the industry through her three singles ‘Here’s my number’‘I won’t suffer’, and ‘So we roll’. What began as a modeling and acting career has seen her grow into a voice we enjoy listening to across the globe.

Earlier this year the talented songbird blessed our airwaves with two of the most throughout songs in the industry. New love and Tell me how I’m blessed are songs that we can all relate to. These two songs are the true definition of creativity, excellent song-writing, perfection in the message and delivery topped up by undisputable talent.

The Jamaican-born artist not only produces excellent music but also selflessly acts as a vibrant women’s rights activist. She has continuously champion for women rights everywhere she goes and remained on the forefront for women empowerment. Her voice is part of the revolution the women rights activism.

“I am very passionate about life, my music… Writing and singing.” Jade Faith.