Ten Penny Gypsy Are Impressive On “Fugitive Heart”

Arkansas’ own, Ten Penny Gypsy, has reached their stride with Fugitive Heart, the band’s second album which was released in July, 2020. The genre blending album was recorded under the watchful eye of Neil Young disciple and bandmate, Anthony Crawford at Admiral Bean Studio in Loxley, Alabama. Fugitive Heart starts strong with a trio of standout songs including the title track and first single, “Fugitive Heart,” which shares the name of the album. The back half of the record is equally as impressive as the front, featuring standout songs like “Lonesome No More,” a tender ballad highlighted by flawless and stunning string playing. The album is brought to a close by “Your True You,” quite possibly the strongest point of the entire album. If fans have to wait another three years between releases, “Your True You,” is a song that promises to keep them interested while the band works on their next chapter. 

-SB Smith