Prolific Blues Rock Guitarist Leads Izzie’s Caravan To MTS Records

Izzie’s Caravan will release their third EP in June. The EP, tentatively titled “On The Pull” will be promoted by MTS Management Group/MTS Records.

“Absolutely mesmerizing melodies & stunning tunes” – Sleeping Bag Studios

“One of the best underground independent studio blues releases I’ve heard this year” – Jampshere Magazine

International blues rock band, Izzie’s Caravan have signed with MTS Management Group/MTS Records for the release of their third EP, tentatively titled, On The Pull. The release, scheduled for June 2020, is the prolific outfit’s third EP in 6 months. The band released Leo’s Guitar In December 2019, followed by Zephyrs in February 2020.

Enigmatic lead guitarist and vocalist, Izzie says of the new EP: “This one is a definite back to the blues record…and already I can tell it’s just going to be a very, very raw, very dirty record, and I really want to try and push the boundaries a bit in terms of the lyrical themes as well. I’m already getting excited about it…”

“There’s a raw emotion and rootsy, authentic vibe to Izzie’s Caravan’s sound,” says Michael Stover of MTS. “I think that’s what really got me with them. Once I was pulled into the bluesy, spirit-filled groove, I knew I had to have these guys on my roster. I’m honored to welcome them to the MTS Family.”

ABOUT IZZIE’S CARAVAN: Izzie started his musical journey by forming a 3-piece band in 2004. The Deep Impactors included two future (and now former) members of the Caravan, Sim and Ray. After becoming disillusioned by the music industry, Izzie took a decades-long respite from guitar, eventually returning to the instrument he loved, just a few years ago.

Referring to himself as a “poor man’s Buddy Guy or Lightnin’ Hopkins,” Izzie cites bands like Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith as early influences, followed by later guitarists like Izzy Stradlin and John Frusciante. But, it was the blues of Stevie Ray, Clapton, John Lee Hooker, Johnny Winter, Muddy Waters, and of course, Buddy Guy, that inspired Izzie’s return to music.

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