🇬🇧 Nashville Phil – Get Me Gone

Formula Indie is a 2 hour daily radio show focused on independent music produced by European Indie Music Network on air in 33 radios Formula Indie assign points to Euro Indie Music Chart based on the ranking of the episodes [Fan Vote, EIMN Vote and Jury Vote] the results of votation will give the listeners votation that awards points for the Euro Indie Music Chart Discover the Podcast : https://formula-indie.captivate.fm/ Formula Indie Airplayday : 3rd October Radio Location Time of Broadcasting (CEST TIME) BandWagon Network Ash Grove, MO, USA 04.00 PM Euroindiemusic Radio Europe 1 AM / 3 AM / 5 AM / 7 AM / 9 AM / 11 AM / 1 PM / 3 PM / 5 PM Front Range Radio Lubbock , TX , USA 11 PM Inondazioni.it Lecce, Italy 12 AM Kbit Play UK 2 PM La Sénia ràdio La Sénia,Montsià, Catalunya 9 PM Malex Radio 102.7 FM Sigli Sigli, Aceh, Indonesia 5 PM Music Team Radio Sassuolo, Italy 10 AM N F R S Sound Up Station Nishinari-ku, Osaka, Japan 5 AM New Music Radio Italy 6 AM Onda 87 Radio Cadiz, Spain 4 AM Radio Antenna Petrignano Assisi,Italy 4 AM Radio Armony Italy 8 AM Radio Energy Web Napoli, Italy 9 PM Radio Hemingway Abbiategrasso, Italy 1 AM Radio Onde Quadre Torino, Italy 2.30 PM Radio Patapoe 88.3 FM Amsterdam Amsterdam, Netherlands 3.30 PM Tele Radio Vajont Italy 6 AM TMV Cafè USA 6 AM Wiru-Db Internet Radio Chicago Chicago, IL, USA 2 PM WRN-R Hotbird13B – Europe, Asia, Africa 7 AM / 3 PM / 11 PM XRP Radio Birmingham, United Kingdom 9 AM