🇺🇸 Lumen Jingos – Kintsukuroi

Kintukuroi is the Japanese art of using gold or silver to repair broken pottery. "more beautiful for having been broken" is the righteous allegory for finding peace in this madness. Let me know what you think. lyrics Your love the gold--That fills the cracks in my soul Your love the gold--Repairs me to whole Stronger than ever before Beauty from such... pain Kintsukuroi, your love… Most See Me As the BROKEN MAN But what you see you UNDERSTAND Now more beautiful For having been broken There are no words That can be spoken To tell of the love The purest gold--Beauty from such pain Kintsukuroi -- your love is my gold The true life of this soul--Began the day it was broken Sadness but no anger--Lament but also love Your love--the gold… that heals--my soul Your love--the gold… restores me--to whole Now you love this broken man -- With a heart that understands There are stories in the scars -- Beauty in the broken places Beauty in the broken places Now More Beautiful for Having been broken

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