Meet Spiral Slopes with ‘Driving and Dreaming’, where the rugged spirit of Montana and the mystic melodies of Scotland combine, creating a uniquely immersive musical journey. Discover that on Formula Indie the 22nd April!

Drawing further inspiration from the ancient streets of Perugia (Italy), Nate Kantner(USA) and James ritchie (Scotland) join forces to form a truly fresh and energetic songwriting duo. Weaving tales of love, loss and adventure through landscapes both familiar and distant, the honest lyrics and well-crafted vocals of Spiral Slopes resonate with listeners from around the globe.

The band has recently released their first single, ‘Driving and Dreaming’, which will also be included on the upcoming debut album anticipated for July of 2024. Be sure to stay up to date by following Spiral Slopes on YouTube and your favorite streaming service!

The song will be played on Formula Indie main radio show the 22nd April!