Dorm Sessions by D.O.M of DnD is a show of the the power of independent creativity in the realm of hip-hop. Collaborating with producer Private Work, D.O.M crafts a three-track EP that effortlessly blends laid-back grooves with intense head bangers, all within the boom bap vein.

From the outset, it’s clear that Dorm Sessions is a labour of love, with every aspect of the sound meticulously crafted by D.O.M and Private Work. This level of autonomy allows the duo to create a cohesive and authentic listening experience that remains true to their artistic vision.

Drawing inspiration from a diverse array of sources, including academic experiences and “entertainers” like Markiplier, D.O.M infuses each track with a unique blend of storytelling and lyrical prowess. His solid flow and delivery shine through, as he effortlessly constructs intricate rhymes with precision and finesse.

Behind the boards, producer Private Work proves to be a master of his craft, delivering beats that are both innovative and infectious. From soulful samples to gritty drum loops, each track stands as evidence of Private Work’s skill and creativity, providing the perfect backdrop for D.O.M’s lyrical fire.

What sets Dorm Sessions apart is its ability to attract listeners from start to finish. Whether it’s the scintillating production, the expressive rhythms, or D.O.M’s gravelly yet appealing vocals, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Each track feels like a journey, with moments of introspection giving way to bursts of energy and excitement.

Overall, Dorm Sessions is a triumph for D.O.M of DnD and Private Work, showing their talent and creativity in equal measure. With its blend of laid-back vibes and intense energy, this EP is sure to resonate with fans of classic hip-hop while also carving out its own unique space in the genre. It’s homemade yet with an artistic vision that has fully come to life, making it a must-listen for hip-hop aficionados everywhere.

Review by Lucy Cicioni