MUSIC FOR YOUR EARS | REVIEW MerryAchi Christmas By Brooke Graham

Brooke Graham, the Texas Trop Rock Queen, continues to make waves in the
music scene with her anticipated holiday release, MerryAchi Christmas. Following the
success of her summer hit, Easy Does It, Graham collaborates with songwriters Allison
Cutter, David Norris, and Corey Lee Barker to deliver a festive addition to the winter
season’s musical landscape. Produced by David Norris and Jimmy Collins for Flying C
Records, this Christmas offering promises a unique blend of Texas Red Dirt grit and
Trop Rock rhythms.
Graham’s distinctive musical style, which earned her a nomination for the 2023
Horizon Award by the Trop Rock Music Association, is evident in the upcoming
release. Her previous chart-topper, Easy Does It, not only achieved commercial success
but also received nominations for Best Single of the Year and Best Video of the Year,
exposing the artist’s versatility and wide-ranging appeal.
Expressing gratitude for the unwavering support from radio stations worldwide,
Graham acknowledges the crucial role they’ve played in her musical journey. The entire
Flying C Records team joins in extending warm wishes for a MerryAchi Christmas and
a joy-filled, prosperous New Year.
The fusion of Christmas and Hispanic influences in this production creates a
unique and culturally rich experience. Drawing from both American and Mexican
traditions, the release adopts the mariachi style, adding a traditional flair to the festive
season. The high-energy flow and epic quality of the music quickly attract the listener,
making it an engaging and enjoyable experience from the first note.
Instrumentally, MerryAchi Christmas is a rich tapestry, featuring percussion,
guitars, accordion, trumpets, and sleigh bells masterfully played by skilled
instrumentalists. The slow-moving pace allows for a more immersive experience,
enabling listeners to savour the nuances of the composition. The blend of humour,
spirit, and bittersweet elements creates a musical journey where dreams come to life.
The song is not just musically memorable; it’s an instant hit that grabs your attention
and holds it throughout.
The warm guitar melody stands out as particularly astonishing, complemented
by powerful vocals and catchy tunes that emit positive vibes. The harmonious and truly
original nature of the song, coupled with its humour, makes it appealing to a wide
audience. Once you start listening, it becomes challenging to put it down, a proof to the
infectious quality of MerryAchi Christmas.
For those seeking a delightful celebration of the season that seamlessly blends
Mexican and American holiday traditions, MerryAchi Christmas promises an
unforgettable experience. The song is not just lively and vibrant; it’s a musical journey
that invites the entire family to join in song, dance, and smiles. Brooke Graham has
crafted a holiday gem that captures the essence of tradition while infusing it with her
signature style, ensuring that this festive release will be a cherished part of the holiday

season for years to come. Don’t miss the opportunity to embrace the delights of
MerryAchi Christmas for a joyous and heritage-rich celebration.

Review made by Lucy Cicioni | Promoted by Musik & Film, MAF Music Promotion