MUSIC FOR YOUR EARS | REVIEW Here Comes Santa Dawg By DawgGoneDavis

Rebecca DawgGoneDavis has once again showed her musical prowess with the
release of Here Comes Santa Claus, a track that seamlessly blends Christmas cheer,
pop, and rap elements. The artist, renowned for her stunning performances, takes the
listener on a festive journey around the Christmas tree while also venturing into the
realms of rap and hard rock with her recent release, Can’t Rap My Head Around This.
The collaboration with Chago G Williams on the chorus adds an extra layer of energy,
making the entire experience one of constant movement and groove.
The inclusion of a short dog-umentary featuring the beloved Dachshund, Hans,
for the fourth consecutive year adds a heart-warming and personal touch to
DawgGoneDavis’s narrative. This touch not only connects her to her audience
emotionally but also brings a delightful and humorous element to the holiday season.
Here Comes Santa Claus made a significant impact on the Indie Euro Chart,
securing the #2 spot in 2019 and repeating the feat in 2020. The track continued to
please audiences, earning a satisfying #5 position in 2021. As the Christmas season of
2022 unfolds, Santa Dawg is back, promising a storm of hilarity and warmth. The
worldwide charting numbers speak volumes about the enduring popularity and success
of this ongoing classic, a testament to the collaborative efforts of Hellmut Wolf and
Rebecca DawgGoneDavis, particularly in the realms of composition and production.
DawgGoneDavis’s year has been marked by a whirlwind of activity,
collaborating with Wolf Digital and Musik Radio Promotions to ensure her music
reaches audiences globally. Her distinctive blend of rap, hip-hop, and alternative pop
has garnered acclaim for its modern take on hip-hop beats and electronic pop grooves.
As a listener, I found myself completely absorbed by the intricate rhythms and
melodies of this Christmas, pop, and rap release. The originality of the track lies in its
combination of synthesisers and keyboards with traditional Christmas instruments like
sleigh bells. The instrumentals serve as a supportive stream, elevating the meaningful
and thought-provoking rapping lyrics.
The track’s energetic melody, mid-tempo pace, and expressive vocals contribute
to its overall appeal. The unrestricted presentation of style, characterised by
conversational writing, creates a sense of direct communication with the audience. The
vintage or retro touch in the production adds a timeless quality to the track.
The variable compositions within the song highlight its individual
expressiveness, demonstrating a creativity that transcends any rigid rules. The
ingredients are perfectly blended, ensuring a great time for listeners as they embark on a
musical journey with this upbeat track.
What struck me most about Here Comes Santa Claus is the singer’s remarkable
musical ability and characteristic melody, making this track a standout single. The

catchy chorus invites listeners to experiment in another sphere, and its rhythm propels
them into the festive spirit quickly.
For those who appreciate refreshingly different original Christmas songs, Here
Comes Santa Claus is a must-hear. It offers a beautifully sparkling performance with a
magnetic quality and energetic vibes. As you listen to the song, you’ll find that it grows
on you, enveloping you in a joyful and festive atmosphere. DawgGoneDavis has once
again delivered a memorable and unique musical experience, making this track an
essential addition to your holiday playlist. It doesn’t disappoint and is sure to bring a
smile to your face as you revel in the spirit of the season.

Review made by Lucy Cicioni | Promoted by Musik & Film, MAF Music Promotion