MUSIC FOR YOUR EARS | REVIEW Alone by Vicious Kitty

Vicious Kitty’s new single, Alone, released on April 6th, is a deeply introspective and
engaging song that delves into the core of the band’s soul. Written during the pandemic,
the song captures the prevalent theme of people feeling separated and alone. It
references the idea of people being close but still isolated. It reflects the feeling that
many went through during that time, which was traumatic for so many, and led many
more to question what it means to be a social being. The song recognises that many still
feel isolated and ‘other’ even as the world recovers.
One of the most impressive aspects of Alone is the instrumentation, featuring strong
guitar melodies and percussion which together combine to create a feeling of optimism
throughout the track. The gravelly vocals of the lead singer and the drums add to the
intensity and the strength of the message conveyed.
Alone attracts listeners with its engaging rhythm, catchy chorus, and memorable lyrics.
It is an instant hit that shows the band’s ability to create music that is both enjoyable
and thought-provoking. The chorus, with multiple voices harmonising the song’s theme,
effectively conveys the feeling of loneliness despite the presence of many individuals,
highlighting the shared experience of isolation.
With its lively and uplifting nature, the song is sure to add to already broad fan base of
Vicious Kitty. The skilful production values shine though, and together with the vocals
and instrumentation, provide the ideal antidote to the tough days of the pandemic, with
its upbeat tones, energy and positivity.
Alone is a stunning release that not only shows Vicious Kitty’s talent but also speaks to
the human experience of loneliness and despair. It serves as a reminder that even in
times of adversity, there is hope if we can come together. With this powerful song,
Vicious Kitty sets the tone for positivity and progression, overcoming whatever
challenges lie ahead collectively. This release reserves to become an international hit,
and any discerning listener cannot fail to be moved by it. Don’t miss it out!

Review made by Lucy Cicioni | Promoted by Musik & Film, MAF Music Promotion