MUSIC FOR YOUR EARS | REVIEW River by Clayton John

Clayton, a piano-based singer/songwriter from Detroit but now living in Tulsa, draws inspiration from the pop music of the 60s and 70s that influenced him while growing up. He skilfully incorporates the best song writing traditions of the past several decades into his music, creating a sound that reflects his roots. Clayton has received recognition for this work from prestigious organisations, with his song River being named a finalist for Best Song Music Production at the Winter 2021 World Song writing Awards and receiving a 2022 W.A.M. Silver Award for Best Song in the Adult Contemporary category. 

One of Clayton’s standout tracks, River, captivates listeners right from the start. The choir adds an additional layer of musicality to the song, and is essentially atmospheric. The focus throughout the song is on the piano, the main instrument which is deceptively simple, but in fact enhances the performance with layer upon layer of emotion and musicality. The incorporation of the guitar and percussion are the perfect complement to the overall sound of the composition, creating a unique piece that is both original and authentic. The deep vocals further enhance the emotional impact of the song, conveying a sense of calm and a touch of melancholy. The chorus, in particular, leaves a lasting impression, further adding to the song’s attraction. 

Original in sound, this track is totally worth listening to. It might be unusual and is certainly unconventional, but should be regarded as even more interesting and captivating for all that. Careful and repeated listening will help the discerning listener to unpack the multiple layers which have been carefully woven together in the meticulous crafting of this piece. Even among Clayton John’s previous work, this piece stands out, and should not be missed. 

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Review Made by Lucy Cicioni

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