Record breaking artist Vineet releases his first country music single

Multi record breaking and award winning singer – song writer, Vineet, has released his first ever country music single, coupled with a cinematic video that tells an evocative story through song.

City Roads is a new age country song – a tale of love and distance. A tale of conflict between small town and large city expectations. The style/genre is a hybrid between modern Country Music & New Age Country ‘Hick’ – Hop. Country music radio in the US and Europe, has been witnessing a hybrid music approach, to allow the music to connect better with a younger radio / streaming audience.

It is a melancholic tale of love , divided by distance and realization of the same that only dawns when it’s too late. It is written in the form of a large screen type narrative of many years that pass between a couple, separated by ambition and how they crave to be with each other again.

The sound has an acoustic guitar based bed, couple with a punchy hip hop beat and lyrics with a country hick twang. Cinematic largeness of strings and piano tell a story in a manner that helps the listener feel the pain and strife of the couple in the story and ofcourse that haunting harmonica that brings it all together and yet leaves you hoping.

The song received huge interest on Instagram where it crossed 1 million views in a few hours of release, not to mention it trending on Shazam.

The video can be seen here :

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The song can be streamed here : or from Vineet’s website