New release for the young singer Matilde G.

On the occasion of the live auditions of Sanremo Giovani, the fifteen-year-old and very young
Roman artist moved to Singapore for two years now, comes out with a “DOUBLE RELEASE”
two passages that speak of the emotional life cycle that every boy / girl faces in his own life.
The top song “”LASCIAMI QUI” tells of a relationship that doesn’t work and therefore ends in the long run.
While “Piu ‘ti vivo” is like saying it is life that goes on with a new love that begins with enthusiasm and blossoms like flowers in
spring, evocative video where the singer personally chooses the cover and a large part of her own floral-themed video
to represent the blossoming of a flower, and of a spring that is born.

“I’m no one to say that my song was worthy of competing for the Sanremo festival
Young people. I have only 16 years and a lot of time to cultivate this great passion of mine, but I can say that after the audition
I was very happy because I felt that I had emotionally reached the members of the commission and Amadeus. And this is it
which for the moment matters more “

These are the words of the young artist who, even though she was not selected for the festival, as you can see she nurtures great awareness of herself and
a great desire to continue learning and exploring this beautiful art of singing and music.

All we do is wish her a big good luck.

Naturally you can listen to Matilde G of her on all digital stores and in the Help Music catalog