Record chart topping artist Vineet releases ‘Hurry’

When a break up in a relationship is inevitable, the dilemma that lingers is – ‘Should we break it off? or should we give it a shot?!’ The song ‘HURRY’ asks that you take a call quickly as sitting on the fence is far more hurtful than any decision you take. When a decision is made, you can either move on OR you can inject more energy to make it work! But you have to HURRY, as you are wasting precious moments of your life due to this energy sapping dilemma!

This Adult Contemporary song has a duality right through. The vocal has a voice of pushy desperation and another voice of calm reason. The music is introspective but transforms to a large declaration only to go back to the inevitability of acceptance. Musically, there is a back bone beat & bass to give the song a large body but the acoustic guitar and piano bring back the innocence. The bridge is almost operatic to heighten the longing expressed in the song. 

Vineet  said ‘ Vocally I had to use 2 styles of singing – 1) The angst of rock. For me 2 lead vocalists, who could bring pain and aggression into their singing were Chris Cornell of Sound garden & Chester Bennington of Linkin’ Park. 2) Modern day melodic rap has a calming effect and is a complete contrast to the angsty styles. I had to do both to do justice to the dilemma in the song!

The Video of the song is in a vertical format to allow intimacy of viewing. It is almost as if a camera is snooping on couples who are about to break up. Their unpleasantness & pain, bordering on aggression, is so poetic. If you happen to visualise your own situation in the video, don’t be alarmed, it is designed for that! 

Vineet  added, ‘This is my first song that approaches optimism differently. Sometimes moving on from a bad relationship is the only way to get your life back. Through these emotional roller coaster times, I have witnessed a few very close friends give up on long term relationships as sitting on the fence was no longer possible. In another close friend’s case, they fought through the heartache and decided to make it work. Either way, You have to ‘HURRY’ ! … Life is short! Love is shorter!’