‘Bad Intent’ roots hip-hop song from ‘Cullen the Great’ take Queen Creek on the grid of ‘Formula Indie’ on 24th October

‘Bad Intent’ roots hip-hop song from ‘Cullen the Great’ take Queen Creek on the grid of ‘Formula Indie‘ on 24th October

Queen Creek, Arizona – Cullen The Great is returning to the roots of hip-hop with his
new single ‘Bad Intent’ available on all streaming services August 27th. (08/27)
Cullen is back with an aggressively refreshing new track, ‘Bad Intent.’ The song starts
off with an almost grimey sounding chorus that seems
something of a Pop Smoke and Russ hybrid sound
before providing a crisp, clean delivered verse. The
intensity in the track is present straight from the
getgo with the J-Cole like lyricism and the heavy
hitting kicks, while simultaneously delivering a
darker overall ambiance.
‘Bad Intent’ has more of a raw feel to it, which is
exactly what Cullen was going for. He wanted to make
something that felt more up close and personal to the
listener. Looking to flex his lyrical ability he does just
that with an intelligent rhyme scheme and creative
effects in the first and second verse. Hoping to catch
the attention of his fans, he goes a different route with
this song than any other track before, and it’s apparent from the first chorus. This track has an
aggressive message with a vibe reeking of bad attitude, a first for Cullen The Great.
This most recent release from Cullen is fresh, exciting, and something new, the
perfect transition into what’s coming next from this independent musician.