Ethereal Adopter Newyorker Songwriter Kate Brunotts to Debut in Formula Indie

With a brilliant 2 minutes songs the NYC Artist Kate Brunotts made their Debut on the Formula Indie, setted up on the 20th October

Take a listen of their song ‘Projections’ just clicking play here !

Kate says that

I find it most challenging to verbalize happy emotions. When I’m sad, everything is easy to categorize whereas when anything positive happens, I just feel a complex ball of vibrant “somethings”. “PROJECTIONS” is celebrating that “something” without trying to over analyze it. The lyrics simply felt right, and the whole song is messy and imposing, but in a pleasant, dreamy way.

I produced this song after finally getting around to listening to Tyler the Creator and Kayne, and just being so inspired by the use of sampling. This song feels like August to me— hot, sticky, and nostalgic. It’s also the first single off of “all caps” EP coming September 24th. Thank you for your support!


Even with all of the colors
I couldn’t draw you yet

She’s a forgotten lover
A summer to forget

A get a little queasy
In my God complex

But your blood is holy
So mine must be the best

Singing every night and my lungs aren’t get stronger
I’ll punch you in the face if you stay a minute longer
Misunderstood, so connected
Turn everything I feel into projections