Tosello debut in Formula Indie with Clio

Clio is the protagonist of the latest single by Tonello, a singer-songwriter with three albums behind him and one to be released in July entitled Il suono del secolo: interesting, I always wondered what sound could have this century so crowded with thoughts, voids, sharing, selfishness, for the first time exposed in all possible ways, a century that should make variety and respect its bulwark.

But let’s start from the beginning: who is Clio? Clio is a woman who has lived her life to the full and realizes that she has accumulated memories, experiences, that time passes, she realizes that she is dealing with a certain melancholy. Life leaves marks, of course, and it is hoped that all these marks eventually make up a beautiful picture. Now, it is easy to assume that if we dwell on what we have lost, on what has ended up as a void, I would say that what they call “a crust” would emerge. But Clio bears an important name from Greek mythology, Clio invokes distant memories and memories fill and color the present, even if they belong to the past. Therefore it is better to have drawn a badly made line to the drawing but of such a beautiful and bright color than to have left the sheet blank. In the end, we all ask ourselves a bit: are we leaving a mark? Tonello yes, he does not leave the sheet blank nor does the homework of the pre-packaged hit, although the sounds are current, the rhythm appropriate to the release period, the funny and catchy song, with a beautiful guitar that creates a tense carpet that invites you to jump . What can I add? Good at combining a certain musical lightness with a non-abused theme, which does not have to do with old age but with feeling right in one’s emotions and in one’s life path. Clio is a really good song and you just have to listen to it!