Charting topping artist Vineet releases his first HipHop single ‘ i PRAY ’

Yes things are looking up slowly, but we need to pray to ensure things get better with each passing day.

Vineet’s song  ‘ i PRAY ’ is his first in the trap hip-hop genre. It aims to use prayer to fill hope and optimism into all our lives. ‘Optimism is O2 for the soul’ as you’ll hear in the song. The song is an invitation to pray, a reminder to be grateful and a farewell to those who have passed in these turbulent times. The song pays rich tribute to all those who help others in need for such deeds are equivalent to ‘prayer in action’

When we asked Vineet he said : ‘I wrote this to help myself.  I realized, when you pray you are having the most honest conversation you can possibly have with yourself. It helped me put ‘fear’ and ‘faith’ on a see-saw and literally push the strength of faith to a point when it begins to overcome fear. I sincerely hope it does the same for you’

Musically the song is melodic hip-hop with ethereal synths, trap style vocals enhanced with sub-sonic bass treatment and spatial wide stereo to connect with the mystery & innocence of prayer. 

It is true that collective prayer has the potency to create real physical & mental change as the minute you emerge from prayer you are filled with a sense of ‘we can do this’.  It can certainly help us find a way to overcome health & economic challenges all over the world.

Vineet adds : ‘When i PRAY for you & you pray for me,  this chain of prayer will form a lasting force field around the world. 

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