Compton Rapper To Release New Music With Sony/The Orchard

Label F.I.U.M.G/ Artist Yella Boii Tha Duke announces worldwide single release on label We All Can Eat Inc/The Orchard distribution.

Meet Compton’s favorite artist “Yella Boii Tha Duke” as he debuts his new single entitled “Put It Down,” featuring Aye Swvyzii, and production done by “Sway on DA Beat.”

Furthermore, check out how this top-rated artist sways the crowd with his high energetic club bangers. After “Yella Boii Tha Duke” was born, he was given to his grandparents to raise, due to his parents being unfit to care for him. They were involved in heavy criminal behavior (Undercover Drug Sting) that landed his dad behind bars in a State Prison and his mom nowhere to be found. Growing up in the same area as Eazy E, Dr Dre, and Mc Ren, on the eastside of Compton (Kelly Park) area, N.W.A was a big influence on his music creativity. Other influences include Snoop Dogg, DJ Quik, Suga Free, Hot Boyz, Lil Wayne, 50 cents, and banging on wax I-Con “Tweedy Bird Loc,” (RIP) just to name a few.

Because of the Duke’s family tradition, he joined the local gang called “Kelly Park Compton Crips,” after his dad and uncle. Although his grandparents did everything they could to keep him out of trouble, he still connected to the streets, like his dad. This time, instead of dealing drugs, Yella Boii Tha Duke turned to music, by hooking up with childhood friends “Sway On Da Beat” and “DJ Amazing.” Together, they created the super team, F.I.U.M.G, one of the largest independent labels in Southern California. And by popular demand, they have agreed to a digital distribution deal with The Orchard/Sony to distribute their label needs, administered by We All Can Eat Inc. Compton 2 New York Radio CEO Derrick Nettles, also known as Dee Uno, will handle all Meta Data and marketing.