MUSIC FOR YOUR EARS | REVIEW Who are you? By Shweta Harve with Hridaya Sheela

Who Are You? by Shweta Harve with Hridaya Sheela is a mesmerising piece that
invites listeners into a profound journey of self-inquiry and discovery. This indie
inspirational music band has carved a niche for itself by focusing on the essence of
being and the core of existence, and this track is a stellar example of their introspective
From the outset, the song enchants with a delicate balance of whispering vocals
that convey a sense of mystery and introspection. Shweta Harve’s voice is ethereal,
almost haunting, yet comforting, drawing the listener into a reflective state. The lyrics
are profound and thought-provoking, urging us to look beyond the surface and question
our true identity. The line ‘Who you see is not You, you are the one who sees’ distils
the song’s central theme of exploring the self beyond external appearances and fleeting
Musically, Who Are You? is an exquisite blend of genres including Adult
Contemporary (AC), Pop, and Soft Rock, which collectively create a unique and
original sound. The melody is both memorable and soothing, with a mid-tempo pace
that adds to the song’s calming effect. The chorus, in particular, stands out with its
harmonious and inspiring tones, leaving a lasting impression on the listener.
The instrumentation is a highlight, showing the musicians’ exceptional skills.
The guitar work is intricate and emotive, providing a perfect backdrop for the
introspective lyrics. The percussion adds a subtle yet effective rhythm that supports the
overall mood of the track, while the piano lines bring an additional layer of depth and
One of the most striking aspects of Who Are You? is its ability to grow on the
listener with each play. The song’s layered composition and deep message reveal more
with every listen, making it a track that resonates long after the music stops. This
quality demonstrates the band’s ability to craft music that is not only beautiful but also
intellectually and emotionally engaging.
The song also touches on broader social themes, addressing the plight of
marginalised groups and the societal pressures that influence our sense of identity. This
adds a layer of complexity to the track, making it not just a personal exploration but also
a commentary on societal dynamics.
In terms of production, the sound quality is impeccable. The mix is clean and
balanced, allowing each element to shine without overpowering the others. The vocals
are clear and front-and-centre, ensuring that the powerful lyrics remain the focal point
of the track.
Who Are You? is profoundly moving and staggeringly expressive. It’s a piece
that combines the meditative qualities of introspective music with the electrifying effect
of progressive rock. This fusion results in a song that is both calming and invigorating,

making it an essential listen for anyone seeking music that is both aesthetically pleasing
and intellectually stimulating.
Overall, Who Are You? by Shweta Harve with Hridaya Sheela is a superb single
that offers a deep, reflective experience through its beautiful melody, profound lyrics,
and exceptional musicianship. It’s a song that not only entertains but also encourages
introspection and self-exploration, making it a truly enriching listening experience. For
those in search of music that resonates on a deeper level, this track is highly
recommended. The band’s future endeavours are eagerly anticipated, as they continue to
push the boundaries of inspirational music.