MUSIC FOR YOUR EARS | REVIEW She Comes Around By Steve Brooks & The Fourth Level

She Comes Around by Steve Brooks & The Fourth Level is a song that
encapsulates the essence of Americana Rock, weaving together a narrative that
combines personal experiences, universal themes, and a touch of mythology. The
release is the final piece in their concept album, Between The Sun & Moon, which tells
the tale of a musician confronted with the temptation of selling his soul to the devil.
Steve Brooks, the driving force behind the band, has a musical journey that
spans smoky dive bars to music halls with the finest acoustics. This diverse experience
shines through in the composition of She Comes Around and the entire album. The
concept of a musician facing the devil at the crossroads is a rich, time-honoured
tradition in American music, and Steve Brooks takes this theme and infuses it with fresh
layers of meaning.
One of the intriguing aspects of Steve’s songwriting is his ability to craft lyrics
that hold multiple meanings simultaneously. They often draw from his own life
experiences, but they are also relatable to a wider audience. Just Another Song, for
example, tells a story of heartbreak and the transformation of a relationship into a mere
memory, which is a theme anyone can identify with. However, beneath these layers,
there is a third element of mythological, spiritual, or folk tradition that adds depth and
intrigue to the songs.
In She Comes Around, this third layer of meaning is particularly noticeable. The
song is about redemption, about following one’s own path and not succumbing to fear
or the allure of the devil. This mythological backdrop adds a layer of depth to the
release that invites listeners to contemplate their own journeys and choices in life. The
track becomes a canvas upon which each listener can project their own experiences and
emotions, making it a deeply personal and resonant piece.
Instrumentally, She Comes Around is notable for its use of the guitar and
percussion instruments. The guitar work is not only skilful but also emotionally
evocative, carrying the listener through the different moods of the song. The percussion
instruments add a layer of rhythm and energy that propels the song forward. Steve
Brooks’ vocals are the anchor that ties it all together, conveying calm at the start and
building up to an electrifying crescendo towards the end.
The song’s structure is also worth mentioning. It follows a trajectory from
smooth and emotive at the beginning to a more assertive and powerful sound as it
progresses. The memorable chorus and infectious melody invite audience participation,
making it a song that sticks with you long after you’ve heard it.
What sets She Comes Around apart is how it grows on you with each listen. Its
musical complexity and lyrical depth reveal themselves more with each spin, making it
a song that rewards repeated listens. It shows the musical prowess of Steve Brooks &

The Fourth Level, highlighting their ability to create a sound that is both thought-
provoking and emotionally resonant.
Overall, She Comes Around is a standout track that demonstrates the unique and
extraordinary talent of Steve Brooks & The Fourth Level. It’s a release that transcends
genres, blending Americana and Folk Rock with a timeless narrative and musical
craftsmanship. I highly recommend giving it a listen, as it has the power to inspire,
provoke thought, and leave you appreciating the depth and creativity of this hard-
working band. It’s a musical journey well worth taking.

Review made by Lucy Cicioni | Promoted by Musik & Film, MAF Music Promotion