New song for LaNaif titled “Cicatrice”

LaNaif’s new song is called “Cicatrice,” marking their return with an original track after the 2021 single “Acqua sporca.” It’s not an ordinary or traditional song; instead, it’s something classy and profound.

The song is an Italian pop with blues influences, enriched by a saxophone performance. “Cicatrice” represents everything that remains of a story, an event that devastates the soul; it’s a sign of trust despite the ugliness of life. In essence, it aims to be a caress for the soul, a dedication to those who managed to emerge from the darkness, an invitation to never give up.

The construction of the song is simple yet complex in creating the right atmosphere for the voice and what is being sung. The music should accompany without distracting the listener. The message that the lyrics carry is essential, a cathartic release that looks at the past and needs to be shouted and sung to be forgotten.

Listening to the song is pleasant, and it couldn’t be otherwise given the caliber of the singer’s voice: crystalline, dynamic, and very harmonious.

The accompanying video is beautiful, featuring a sweet and intense dance filmed in a very characteristic location, the Museo Hoffman in Caltagirone.

Overall, the work deserves praise, and we hope not to wait another year for the new song.

Available on all digital platforms and in our playlists.

Article by Bluombre.