MUSIC FOR YOUR EARS | REVIEW Tat spat by DawgGone Davis

Rebecca DawgGoneDavis is an international hip-hop sensation, who has been making music for many years. She achieved international stardom in 2018, when her first single reached #1 on the Euro Indie Music Chart. Since then she has been consistently producing and performing, with this latest track arguably her most successful thus far. Rebecca’s unique blend of styles has proved time and again that talent and originality triumph, and she is enjoying another very deserved success with this release. In collaboration for the seventh time with hook master Chago G. Williams, she is being played all over the US and has gained a spot on the coveted US Top 20 playlist hosted by Grammy winner Al Walser. 

Rebecca’s musical style is characterized by her fusion of rap, rock, and hip-hop elements, showcasing her versatility and originality. Her style is characterised by energy and passion, and each performance leaves a lasting impression. She is helping to make these styles increasingly mainstream, breaking down the invisible barriers which have always existed in the musical world. Key to this is the aforementioned collaboration with Chago G. Williams, creating a truly a wondrous creative partnership together forging hit after memorable hit. 

In terms of her new release, it is quite a serious work, which is reflected in the scathing vocals and sound from the guitar, percussion and the keyboard. With no doubt, what gives more strength to this new release is the unique guitar sound; the strong guitar is one of the main protagonists of this song. The French guitarist Romain Duchein provides a rhythm which calms the listener and delights with his powerful tunes. The sparkling melody is full of energetic vibes. 

In this track, DawgGoneDavis has surpassed expectations with her exceptional musical talent and undeniable charisma. I would totally recommend you not to miss the opportunity to listen to her and this new original track. This is a true opportunity to experience a different and innovative genre of music. As happened with this reviewer, those who consider that this style is not for them will find that they should think again; it will totally broaden their musical horizons and open up a whole new musical experience and world to them. With this track, DawgGoneDavis consolidates her position as a superstar and shows that she will be a force to be reckoned with in the industry now and for time to come. Do not miss the opportunity to discover or rediscover her work, the discerning listener has a treat in store for them. 

Review Made by Lucy Cicioni

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