MUSIC FOR YOUR EARS | REVIEW Infinity 2.0. By Dehko Featuring Forever Meech & Wholehunnid Los

Dehko, an astounding artist born and a native of Detroit, Michigan has been making a producing music since the tender age of 12. He cites many and diverse influences for his work, from Don Diablo to David Guetta. While his roots are firmly in Detroit, both he and his music are renowned on the global stage, where his talent, skill and dedication to his art have achieved world-wide recognition. Some instances of these are opening for such artists as Lil Uzi Vert or Carnage, and also selling out Metro Detroit as a headliner. 

With reference to his track, Infinity is one of his notable releases which initially debuted as a single last year and was the inspiration for his latest album, Tektroit. The track features a fusion of Detroit rap and Bass House, which has been hailed by many listeners as a new subgenre. The grittiness of the rap verses combines with the beat and pulse of Bass House, an eclectic fusion which on paper should not work, but in reality is fascinating audiences worldwide. This is clearly an artist at the top of his game, willing and more than able to push boundaries and express his own inimitable style. 

With a fabulous combination of a varied set of sounds from keyboards and bass with vocals, melodically, Tektroit boasts catchy hooks and infectious rhythms that have a way of getting under your skin. Dehko clearly pays attention to every detail on this album, each track is carefully crafted for maximum impact. His skill is in making each track sound as if it is being produced spontaneously, but has clearly been meticulously produced, every sound carefully tested and blended to make the listener sit up and pay attention, every note and syllable planned to create the strongest gut reaction from the listener. The listener is drawn in from the first note to the last. 

This kind of music makes you feel active, energised; it is music to awaken your senses providing a unique sound as you’re in another sphere. I think it’s ideal to switch off from reality or and to break from habits or routines. The track gives a tremendous energy and has an undeniable appeal that transcends geographical boundaries. Overall, Dehko’s journey as a musician from Detroit showcases his passion for blending genres and his determination to make a lasting impact on the music industry. With his impressive background and dedication to his craft, he is undoubtedly an artist worth following closely as he continues to evolve and share his unique musical vision with the world.

Review Made by Lucy Cicioni

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