Groundstate is an alternative metal band from Bay Village in Ohio. Comprising of brothers Connor and Aidan Smith, they have been writing songs together since 2014 and Floating Away, their latest single, released on 11/01/2023 is in support of their upcoming 3rd studio album.

The song kicks off with an irregular, raw drumbeat before the song erupts with full-on heavy guitar riffs and pounding drums. Distortion plays a huge with the guitar sound and this gives the track the feel of the 90’s grunge sound from the likes of Alice In Chains and Pearl Jam. The only time the heavy guitars are dispensed with is during the scratchy guitar solo, which makes a stark contrast for the listener during the song,

The drum work is extraordinary, with heavy beats and crashing cymbals driving the whole track and the basslines are chunky and meaty. Musically this track is top-notch, every musician obviously very talented at what they do and each giving a performance they can be extremely proud of.

The vocals are gritty and powerful, with a slight edge to them that really makes this song stand out. Layered backing vocals are also used to compliment the lead, and this gives the track great depth. The verses in the track build gradually to the crescendo that is each chorus and this is when the song really erupts into life, creating a anthemic sound that really sticks in the listeners mind.

A great track from this band of brothers and I’m now heading to Spotify to see what else I can find from them!