Alessio Gambino releases his first album.

Alessio Gambino’s debut album is entitled “Let’s leave everything to fate”.
In reality, the debut song of 2021 was precisely what gives the title to this album, but then it was gradually filled with other songs and then published in its entirety.
And so here is the new single “Song for you”, chosen for this year’s promotion. An ideal continuation of the first single “Let’s leave everything to fate”. Alessio is a young singer-songwriter from Livorno struggling with his first album of 2020, born on the emotional wave of the pandemic that brings out the strong need to show himself to the world, with his artistic and musical ideas, telling the story of him. It is a fresh and spontaneous writing, with a strong message of hope. Life must be savored, in joys and sorrows, because what we want is on the horizon.
Referring to the great adventures of pirates, to the concept of travel, in a purely Mediterranean setting, Alessio invites us to take a moment for ourselves, scan the horizon, leaving our minds free to see with our eyes what we want from this life.
Beat guitars, an arrangement that highlights the essential, between indie and classic songwriting. The video clip that accompanies the song has suggestions of sea and freedom, the perfect background for a clean and profound message of hope and freedom.
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Article by AlQuadro