Claudio Cirimele is back. New song for 2022!

The Ligurian singer-songwriter Claudio Cirimele, publishes a new single entitled “The knife in the wound”.
After the 2021 song “Vita”, Claudio completely changes register and returns to his ironic style (see song “Zin Zin”).

“The knife in the wound” is a song about an unrequited and suffered love between a man and his lover; she uses it when and how and she believes and he is too dominated to be able to push her away in a continuous alternation between pleasure and suffering, joy and pain, love and hate …
Beyond the lyrics, the sound and his voice, it makes me return to the Battistiani listening, of that kind of songwriting, a voice that strikes me and immediately makes me think of “Eppur mi am forgotten about you” sung by the Formula 3 band, which I always have wonderful memories. A recognizable voice, a voice that takes you and makes you stay until the last listening, then insert a sound that somehow makes you move, and get up from the chair between real sounds and digital sounds that the period requires (or maybe no) but that leaves you with that positive, that lightness that you would gladly listen to in the car when you are about to leave or are heading to your workplace …

This is a song to listen to and dance to but not to be taken literally on the text.
Love but never succubus!
Also available on the artist’s Youtube channel is the video clip of the song, shot with his son Federico.

We recommend listening.

The video
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